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    10.6.8 officially released

    I also appear to be missing CST -- Core i5 750 / Asus P7P55D (everything else works fine, no mods needed)
  2. multigl

    Aperture 3 with 8800GT...

    I can use aperture 3 here as well (gtx260, GraphicsEnabler=Yes method). However the UI is very sluggish, especially when compared to my late 2008 macbook pro. I did some testing, with quartz debug + aperture 3 on both machines: osx86 (i5 750, 8GB, gtx260) ~50FPS macbookpro ~ 40FPS What's even more bizarre is that Aperture does run nearly 3x as fast for doing big batch imports/exports on my osx86 than real apple hardware. maybe something's wrong with my ui in general woops, turns out my monitor was plugged into DVI port2, and I {censored} you not UI is 100x faster when plugged into DVI Port1.