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  1. Kexts are being processed on every boot

    Hello folks! I was having the same problem stated in the first post. It seemed as if my kextcaches were ignored and rebuilt on every boot. So, I moved my kexts from E/E to S/L/E and updated there permissions (644!). And also I added the UseKextCache boot flag. My system boots quicker now, but it still isn't as fast as it should be using an SSD as main system. Perhaps I am loading a whole lot of kexts that I don't need? In my system.log I have many occurances of what seems to be audio-related kexts. I have attached such log and would appreciate if someone with experience could give it a look and confirm if there is something unusual going on! system_log.rtf
  2. Sleep on P5QL-Pro

    Well, my experience is different. I have the same motherboard and I'm currently on Lion (same outcome on Snow Leopard though). Without SleepEnabler.kext I get a kernelpanic! And with the extension my computer goes to sleep properly and even the monitor goes off! But when I resume, I have no graphics. What happens is that my graphics card (Radeon 4850) switches output to the other dvi-port, and I have no screen connected to that one so everything is just black. I am using a vga monitor and my graphics card can only output 1080p on one of the the two dvi-out ports using a dvi-vga adapter, so switching ports is not an option to keep my video.
  3. Thank you for both this guide and your former ones. I wish I could take part in this godness of OSX:ing. I would love myself some Lion on my PC but I don't have a working OSX installation to prepare the USB. Is there any way?