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  1. Hi! I recently install OS X 10.9.2 on my HP Pavilion g6-1b79dx laptop. My specs are: Intel Core i3-370M 4Gb Samsung Memory Atheros AR5B195 Wireless I have used the 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics fix (here) to get QE/CI running. I also patched my DSDT to fix some sleep problems caused by ECH1 wake by removing the PRW method from ECHI1 and ECHI2. I also applied the brightness after wake DSDT patch found here in post #12. Everything is pretty much working, but I do still have some problems that I need some help with. Sleep works by either closing the lid or going to  -> Sleep. The caveat is that it only sleeps and wakes once. It will go to sleep, wake up fine. But when I try to do that again, it sleeps perfectly fine, but doesn't wake up. The caps lock key flashes twice every few seconds, the fans don't spin up, and the display stays off (no backlight or image). This is the only major problem with my system. However, a few problems do occur that are more of just annoyances. When I scroll or do resource intensive tasks, such as loading a webpage, an annoying chirping noise comes from my CPU area. I looked into this, and I believe it is coil whine. I don't experience this in Windows or Linux, and disabling both P-States and C-States in Chimera have no effect. My BIOS is a locked down Insyde BIOS, so I can't get into it to access any options that may help. Another thing is that the DSDT brightness control fix in the link above doesn't work. When I apply it, my computer will lock the screen unexpectedly at random intervals, and I still have no brightness controls despite the brightness slider being available in Settings. Once last thing is that I feel like my machine is running hotter. The fan is always running (not fast, but it'll ofter be off in Windows and never is in OS X), and the CPU area is warm despite the computer just being idle. Attached is the patched DSDT I'm using with the sleep "fix" as well as brightness after wake enabled. Just be sure to remove the .txt extension on the DSDT file. Any other info can be provided, just ask. If anyone can provide any insight on my problems, please do. Anything will help. Thanks Insanely Mac.dsl.txt
  2. This is almost a perfect build. I have everythin working except for audio and sleep. The webpage spec says my MB has a Realtek ALC889 audio codec. How I got it to work: I flashed my videocard bios to make the Device ID "HD 5770". Used ###### to install Lion. Installed ###### with USB 3 Drivers. What I've tried and fail at: Installing VoodooHDA for sound. Installing ALC8xxHDA.kext for sound. Installing DSDT for any possible fix (broke dual display video card support; removed). Has anyone had support for sleep/sound on this board? ~Sam
  3. Hi, I flashed my Asus EAH-6770 to an HD 5770 Device ID, keeping my Subvendor ID as ASUS. When I go to install Lion, whether I boot in verbose or normal mode, the screen always goes black after the Apple logo. How can I fix this? Thanks, Sam
  4. MSI R6770 Twin Frozr

    Hi, I'm building a computer with a MSI R6770 Twin Frozr video card. Will this support QE/CI? Thanks, Sam
  5. HP Pavilion g6x

    Anyone? All thats not working is wireless. I really need that for a full experience. Please, any suggestions would be awesome.
  6. HP Pavilion g6x

    Ok, so its been more than a week and no ones posted. Here's more info on the laptop. Core i3-370M Ironlake graphics (Qe/Ci?)(Found a kext that I'll try) Ralink RT5390 WiFi card HP Webcam -101 Synaptics Touchpad (Fully works natively w/ multitouch) So in the installer, System Profiler showed no Ralink Adapter. So all I'll need is a Kext for that. And I searched and couldn't find one. So any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Sam Clark
  7. HP Pavilion g6x

    Ok. So I did get the HP g6x! So now I'm wondering if I could run SL or Lion on it? It most likely will, but I need QE/CI. Will it work? Same secs as above.
  8. HP Pavilion g6x

    Hi! I'm pretty sure I'm getting an HP Pavilion g6x for my birthday this week, and I want to know if Lion or SL will run on it. It has an Intel Core i3-370M processor, Intel integrated graphics, and 4 Gb of ram. Any chance? And does the video chipset support QE/CI? Thanks, Sam Specs of Processor: http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=49020
  9. Sleep

    I got the sleep working perfect, but the 4500 doesn't do QE/CI, but it has native resolution.
  10. boot0: error

    Hi, I just installed Snow Leopard retail on a 320 Gb Toshiba HDD, and now there's something up with Chameleon. I installed and did everything i could find, and I still get boot0: GPT boot0: HFS+ boot0: error I can boot with EmpireEFI disk, but I get errors like USBF: [some #] AppleUSBEHCI/UHCI (0xNUMBERS) START UNABLE TO INITIALIZE UIM It'll load, but it seems odd that that's there. But my main concern is the BOOT0: ERROR thing. HELP! Sam Thanks I have a GATEWAY NV5425 with CORE2DUO and GMAX4500 video card/chipset (?)
  11. Sleep

    Hi all! I've finally gotten Snow Leopard reinstalled, and can't figure out how to get sleep again. I had it before, but installed a horrible kext and had to reinstall. I have a Gateway NV5425, with an Intel GMA X4500 chipset (or video card?). So if you need more info, just ask. Thanks! Sam
  12. FakeSMC hangs

    Hi! I'm trying to install Snow Leopard with EmpireEFI and am getting stuck at "netkas presents fakesmc, a kext which emulates smc device". It does this when booting verbose and ignoring caches. I don't know what to do. Please help me solve this asap! Sam Gateway NV5425 Intel Core2Duo Intel GMA X4500 Any mor? Ask...