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  1. I successfully installed 10.12.2 last night on my 9550. I have a UHD, i7, Samsung 960 SSD. I did install the UHD kext and was wondering before upgrading to 10.12.5, do I need to delete the kext from the ./10.12.2 UHD folder that was copied over? I saw that the lilu kext was named DONOTUSE and dunno if this was updated and the guide didn't reflect that. If I did need to delete any UHD kexts, would it be as simple as going to the extension folder and deleting those kexts? Do i need to rebuild kernel cache after? As for the step to copy kexts from EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.12 to /Library/Extensions. I skipped that step during the installation. Is it possible for me just to copy them over now? Do I need to do anything else if I do? I assume i just copy them over and delete all the kexts in the EFI location then. Thanks!
  2. I managed to install DP4 on my gigabyte G31m-s2l desktop without a hitch, everything working. Just can't install it on my Vostro 1500 yet. I tried so many variations of kexts, install styles, and etc... It always ends up freezing randomly during the actual installation part, where the system is extracting packages. Can anyone please help me out? This is DP4 on Vostro 1500; it boots fine, freezes during install. Help please!! Thanks
  3. georgel12

    Trackpad gestures in 10.7 DP4

    Still getting freezing during install. Log shows that it is extracting packages. Freezes at random times still.
  4. Hmm, this gets me stuck at DSMOS has arrived. Not getting to installation screen now =\
  5. Heu guys, I'm trying to install Lion DP4 on my Vostro 1500. I have followed multiple guides and seem to always get stuck at one point. During the actual installation for Lion, my laptop completely freezes. Mouse stops working and system does not respond. Checking the installer log, it freezes at unpacking packages or extracting them. Hopefully, either I'm doing something wrong or there is a solution to this.
  6. For me, the installation randomly freezes when unpacking packages during install. Anyone have any idea on what I can do? Dell Vostro 1500 here.
  7. georgel12

    Trackpad gestures in 10.7 DP4

    Hey, I was just wondering what method you used to install DP4 on your vostro 1500. My installation always freezes randomly.
  8. Yea, I wonder why only Dells are affected. Anyone else getting these problems?
  9. Hey, I'm getting to the install screen but it freezes randomly during the install. Installing on a Vostro 1500. I followed the beginning instructions exactly. Do I need to add those kexts at the bottom into the extras folder possibly?
  10. I've been trying for the past few days to install Snow Leopard retail on my Vostro 1500 without any luck. The guide I followed is: http://macyourpc.com/2009/09/13/mac-os-x-1...oot-132-method/ I know this is for the inspiron 1525, so that may be the cause of my problems. The furthest I've reached is booting into osx after installation with wi-fi working and installing the kext files. After restarting and booting, I receive plenty of errors. Is there a place I can find kext files for the vostro 1500? Or possibly a guide i can follow to install Snow leopard on the 1500. Any help will be greatly appreciated.