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  1. Check out #########. This should get you where you want to go....
  2. I'm finished the build on my second hack using a sabertooth x58 MB Bios 1304, 8g DDR3, and a PNY DDRV-258 graphics card. I reset the bios and created a boot disk both per first post. My install DVD is 10.5.4. After the boot CD boots cham I get is get the following error message: EBIOS read error: Error 0x01 Block 0xfabe60 Sectors 0 EBIOS read error: Error 0x01 Block 0xfabe60 Sectors 0 EBIOS read error: Error 0x01 Block 0xfabe60 Sectors 0 EBIOS read error: Error 0x01 Block 0xfabe60 Sectors 0 I tried all combinations of boot commands, no luck. Advise is appreciated!
  3. I've just finished the hardware for my second hack; ASUS Sabertooth x58 I7-960 8G DDR3 PNY DDRV-258 My first install, thanks to Blackosx was based upon Chameleon RC3 on the hard drive. As i'm still using the original HDs for this install I wish to modify the original Chameleon settings. What BIOS settings should I use for the X58? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I'm currently in the early stages of building my second OSX pc. The first one was built a little over two years ago. I'm planning on moving the existing two sata2 HDs to my new build. One of the drives has 10.6.4 installed from my original MB with chameleon installed in a separate partition, as can be seen in my signature below. Now I have the parts on hand for a P6T SE build with a 960 cpu. I noticed on the dsdt site 960 wasn't listed. Is there a work around? The rebuild is taking place in a G5 case.
  5. I'm in the early stages of converting a G5 case to accept an atx mb. I'm planning to mount the mb to a 1/4" thick sheet of plastic. Should I have any concerns with static elect if the mounting pins are not touching (grounded) to the case? Advise is appreciated!
  6. G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    I have a G5 case and would very much like a set for the front panel. Any options/suggestions for the back side?
  7. Blackosx, Advantages/potential advantages vs. Chameleon install for our motherboard? With this thought in mind what further improvements do see on the horizon for your current install method?
  8. Just updated my computer from 10.6.1 using the latest support files. No problems....