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  1. yeeaaahhh, works for me. congratulations really good job, now i only need to add my internal card reader. maybe if i follow the tutorial in the begining for do it and adding the strings for io and memory of the card reader in the same kext will be possible to make it to work?
  2. Hello all, this is my first post, and after a few days searching in the forums, i didn´t find nothing. i started to install mac os x 86 just two weeks ago in my two laptops.after a few failed instalations finally i got the mac os running in both of them. now i am fixing all the small things to get fully working hardware but i advice that depends on the way i start up the processor speed is diferent. when i startup pluged in to the AC, the processor and the mac os works perfectly, better than windows. the problem occurs when i start up running on battery, the procesor speed seems to be like a 500mhz instead of the 1,2Ghz i have, i advice this because the mac os load slower and when i run any app show really slow. i have a centrino procesor and i kow that in windows the processor speed changes in diferent ways, i dont know if is there a way to modify this because it is killing me. is really strange because is only in the start up, i mean, if i start up pluged in and then when mac os is load i remove the AC, the processor works perfect, but if i star up directly running on battery the processor is reduced to the half. so if somebody could help me i was really happy, maybe this is happening to somebody. bests for all. this is my system config. Laptop SONY VAIO TX2XP Mac OS X 86 10.4.7 JAS dual Boot Graphic Card: Mobile Intel 915GM/GMS910GML working with VGA trick / no blue Screen PCMCIA: Texas Instrument PCIxx21/x515 not working Wifi: intel pro wireless 2200bg not working / just want to replace it for another mini pci Bluetooth: Working perfect