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  1. ResX

    RIP Steve Jobs

    Don't worry about Cook. As long as Apple keeps throwing enough money at Jon Ive, they'll be fine.
  2. Researching parts for a computer isn't urgent Check the wiki, there's a sizable list of hardware there that has been reported to work (and not work).
  3. ResX


    The good news is that it has since been substantially cleaned up inside and out. The wires have been tamed, the hole for the fan now has a nice plastic flange covering the edges (instead of that cheap blue painters tape), and I grabbed a low-profile cooler that pulls air from the sides.
  4. ResX


    I had originally planned on ducting air over a custom heatsink, but I lost access to a CNC mill after I graduated high school and gave up on that. However, I just purchased an Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 LP and it does the job in its confined space wonderfully. The two fans run relatively quiet (and the redundancy is nice) compared to the stock cooler, even at full speed. I can now run at full 2.3 Ghz, with a slight and stable undervolt from 1.35 to 1.25 to get the watts down to around 50+/- instead of 65, bringing idle temps to around 35 celsius, and full CPU and GPU load to just under 55 celsius after one hour with room temperature at 26C.
  5. ResX

    nikon d40?

    The D40x I used recently had incredible battery life. I managed 750+ shots without even going past the halfway mark on the battery meter.
  6. ResX


    I was looking into one of these, but haven't heard as much about it as I have for other coolers and for 50 dollars I'm still a bit skeptical. I also considered reorganizing the internals before I started the project, and reconsidered after I noticed the cooling issue, but I think that would take away from alot of the stock look and feel.
  7. Just because a bunch of paranoid idiots thought global warming was worth committing suicide over doesn't mean it is.
  8. Considering how many tutorials and threads there are about installing from a retail disc, distros and ideas like this are no longer relevant.
  9. ResX

    What kind of Watch do you have?

    Besides glancing at my blackberry every 10 minutes, I have a few cheapo 10-15 dollar watches that look good for formal events, and was given some solar-powered casio a few years back.
  10. ResX


    The laughable amount of clearance I really have between the only heatsink I had that would fit in this case(an old Athlon64 939 stock cooler), and my PSU, which somehow looks larger than it did in my old case... And this is why I'm running at 1.6ghz instead of 2.3 (stock for a 4400+) or 3 (when I was using this).
  11. Krylon does a surprisingly good job at sticking to flexible plastic, so long as the flexing is within a certain tolerable amount. Ive painted plastic office chairs with flexible backs and 2 years later I havent seen any chipping on them. You just need to have a clean, sanded surface.
  12. ResX

    PowerBook G4 Laptop

    If you could measure everything out its entirely possible that you may be able to, but I have no idea how the Apple keyboard and trackpad connect to the logic board. If its some type of usb-based connection it shouldnt be impossible. IIRC, the optical drive is atapi, which might not work on some modern laptops. The display would require research, but I'm sure its been done. Like any project, it requires research. If its never been done before, its also going to require at least some trial and error. Google should do the job.
  13. If youtube isn't working well (480 only, 720 lags a tad), you probably don't have graphics drivers working. As far as the keyboard goes just go to the system preferences and keyboard, and swap the option and command keys.
  14. Read my review of the S12 a few posts down.
  15. If my case was badly scuffed I do admit I would be painting it grey and white or black and white like you. I kept it stock because I wanted to be able to surprise people with it. Take a look. I envision this happening at least once: Unsuspecting classmate: "Ha Ha, nice crappy old Mac you've got there" Me: *flips open side of case* Unsuspecting classmate: "Oh sh**!!" I think the red and white LED's will be a nice touch for a case such as this, the polycarbonate should carry light nicely. If I wasn't such a nite-owl I would probably light up the side panel Apple logos on mine. The raised bottom with lights underneath evokes images of tuner cars in my head. This is sure to look nice. However, the power supply placement is probably the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. Especially now that my Arctic Cooler 64 doesn't fit with such little clearance, PSU relocation almost seems worth ruining the whole goal of my case. I look forward to completion of this case.