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    roidm got a reaction from ozomatzinboy in Clover and AMD CPU   
    hi there, i use clover in uefi mode, it works perfect, no problems so far
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    roidm reacted to Bronya in Mavericks kernel testing on AMD (formerly Mountain Lion kernel testing on AMD)   
    Hi ! Is source xnu-10.9.4 is released ! I did and compiled xnu 10.9.4 ! I Included file diff. If cpu freq for EFI , flag -cpuEFI .  In xnu - opemu from AnV and Sinetek for TEST .   I tried 10.9.5 , is working .   mach_10_9_4_rc1.zip
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    roidm reacted to Bronya in [AMD] Yosemite OS X 10.10 DP & Beta   
    Hi ! I patched vanilla kernel for only AMD-FX ! On old cpus - very complex patch ! 
    It is work .
    I no upload it is kernel . 
    In system Yosemite i get problem graphics on website in safari. Need patch pat_init. 
    Don't working 32 bit , i need insert support sysenter in kernel .
    Clover don't know path /S/L/Kernels/ ... It is odd.
    It is Yosemite BETA 1. 
    Support ATI Radeon 5770 !

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    roidm got a reaction from tragediana150 in [AMD] Mavericks Pre-release Testing   
    replacing system, sandbox, corecrypto, applematch, appleacpiplatform and iopcifamily from 10.9.1 did work for me , without the last two kext i couldnt log into my account...
    and it seems cpu-type injection works fine in 10.9.2  


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    roidm reacted to Andy Vandijck in Mavericks kernel testing on AMD (formerly Mountain Lion kernel testing on AMD)   
    I read somewhat in Intel's specs and it seems that it works somewhat different.
    The function for string compare is fine but the values always go to xmm0 and I implemented it to go to selected xmm reg.
    Need to change this.
    Also this makes me think that one of the arguments contains the count in 2 of the arguments (4 bits + 4 bits? meaning the count+1?)
    I'm going to do a check on this this evening.
    Also after fixing this I'm going to implement the 2 missing SSE4.2 instructions.
    Keep you posted... first a delayed birthday celebration with my girlfriend (Cindy Claes) as I haven't done much on my birthday (3/1/2014)
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    roidm got a reaction from Alex Auditore in XPC General discussion   
    try the attached efildgpt (converted from efildr20 0.92.3r)  it works fine here