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  1. alright, so something weird is happening with the radeon 6870. If I boot into windows first, then reboot and go into osx, when I reboot again back into windows, I get a BSOD. Only way to fix it is to unplug the osx harddrive and reboot. Windows will start up fine, and then I can reconnect the osx harddrive and everything will by fine until I reboot into osx again (I can reboot into windows without getting the BSOD, it's only when I switch to osx and then back to windows that I get BSOD). Anyone have any idea what could possibly be going on and how I can fix it?
  2. So I ended up getting a 6870...As far as I know, it works OOB. Just swapped it in, booted, and everything seemed fine...SEEMED fine. OSX works fine, it boots up and works like if nothing has changed. How do I make sure everything is functioning properly with the new video card? Now, while everything is working fine with OSX, when I booted into windows and installed teh drivers for the video card, on reboot it starts up then craps out before the login screen comes up. I get the windows starting screen, then a black screen for like a minute or two, then a blue screen with something about memory cache dump or something like that. It's not the BSOD, but it pretty much comes on for a bit and then restarts the computer. If I boot into safe mode and change the display driver to vga standard, it'll boot up but won't give me the proper resolutions...Now, since everything is working fine in OSX and it'll boot with a basic driver, is this just a driver issue, or is this a bad video card? nvm, did a fresh install of windows and the video card worked fine...
  3. Yeah, still using stellas installer. My build hasn't changed from lifehackers instructions except for OSX updates. I wanna play battlefield 3 with decent settings, so I'm thinking of upgrading my gpu to a radeon 6870...or is there a better graphics card that'll work? That's really the only reason I want to upgrade to lion, I read there's more native support for graphics cards. The 9800 gtx+ is nice and all, but I'm not sure how well it'll handle battlefield 3.
  4. wow...haven't been here in a long time. Last time I checked people were having trouble with 10.6.8. I'm still on 10.6.7 but planning on installing the update and maybe doing lion. Can I just install the combo update or are there issues I have to deal with? alright so I got to 10.6.8 with audio working...tried to download lion but got that this computer can't install os x 10.7 warning... What do I do now? I saw on lifehacker that they use [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]. Is there a way to apply that method onto my current install that way I won't have to start from a fresh install? I read on this board about adding a string to the plist or something but when I checked that file, that string was already there.
  5. if anyone cares to know, I bit the bullet on this one and applied the patch. Says my vertex 2 is now supporting trim. Nothing has gone wrong but it's only been a few minutes. Will report if anything blows up.
  6. when the blue screen comes on, do you panic and restart right away or do you give it some time and then restart? I know I've gotten that screen a few times (even on an actual mac) and from what I can remember, it most likely starts up after a few moments. If it comes on and then nothing happens, I would suggest you do a fresh install, starting off with the v3 installer. Not sure if that'll fix both problems, but I thought stella fixed it so it would support almost all nvidia cards. Wouldn't hurt to try.
  7. http://www.groths.org/?p=308 anyone know if this will mess with the lifehacker build?
  8. yeah, I do have a spare hdd I can play around with. If you can point me to guides or give me a step by step so I can become independent of the stell installer, I'd appreciate it.
  9. running stock lifehacker build (GA-EP45-UD3P / Core 2 Quad / 9800gtx). I'd be more than happy to learn how to update whatever allows me to run my setup if it provides some benefits, but I'm just wondering what the benefits of doing it manually are over using stell's installer. also, how did you get your triple boot system to work? I remember when I threw in ubuntu into my setup it didn't go so smoothly (ubuntu disk wasn't show up in the other os's and kept getting prompts to initialize that hdd).
  10. well, won't it? I don't know the subtleties of hackintoshing, but when I tried using stell's installer on a hdd with 10.5 installed, it didn't work. The way I imagine it, we won't be able to simply pop in a 10.7 install disc into our system and have it simply install. And unless stell makes a new installer, those like me who don't know a lick about dsdt's chameleon and all that other stuff will be SOL and stuck with 10.6.
  11. what do the updates provide beyond stell's installer? I'm just looking forward to 10.7 for trim support. Don't really know much else what's new.
  12. what's it gonna be like for us when osx 10.7 comes out?
  13. anyone know if stell is doing anything to update his installer? Just want to know. Also, does anyone know if they got the gtx 460 fully working?
  14. ditto on that question ^. Running stock lifehacker build.
  15. I would think that's more how OSX works than the boards. Essentially, you can take any hdd with osx installed on it and use it on anything that'll boot up OSX. Not sure if windows does it, but one of the reasons I love macs. As long as that new board you bought was capable of booting into OSX (which it was after you installed the cartri bios on it), that HDD should have booted up just like if nothing ever happened. I remember when I first put together the lifehacker install, rather than starting from scratch I just cloned my old OSX install onto a new drive, ran the stella installer on it and booted from it. Everything worked just like it did on my Macbook Pro.