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  1. Gap year destinations

    Nothing? How about NZ?
  2. Odd place to be asking this I guess, but you lot seem pretty onto it! Looking at taking a year off after college this year. So looking at some destinations for some good outdoor activities while still being cool for someone my age Somewhere far away would be quite cool, Europe doesn't seem like enough of a challenge at the moment. Does anyone have some thoughts? Anything appreciated
  3. Macbook Pro advice

    Haha yeah except you're still stuck with the core 2. Nice graphics and batt though
  4. Vinny2cubes The Macbook Air is hardly a roaring success is it? It's still a stupid laptop really, at least make it something like 12" if you're gonna make it portable. The 13" MBP is miles ahead of it really. Not too much bigger, 10 hour batt and doesn't gasp and wheeze at simple tasks.
  5. Haha yeah bit of a pointless comparison but interestingly nonetheless
  6. How do you guys find 10.6 compared to 10.5? Didn't want to upgrade as I heard a lot of apps didnt work with it. Think it seems to be all clear now though. Never get the first of anything Apple makes!
  7. Boo at 13" still having a core 2 duo. That's what my 2 1/2 year old macbook has. Defiitely not going to get one as the next revision will be at least core i3 if not i5 and will probably have lightpeak
  8. Was buying this worth it?

    Also I'm pretty sure it uses an old HDD standard meaning the replacement will probably be quite expensive
  9. New Macbook Pro Line

    There's been rumors every week since I can remember about the new ones coming out. I wish they'd hurry up!
  10. USB3 on Mac?

    Wouldn't suprise me if Apple totally skipped it and went to Lightpeak. They constantly change their display ports and do things like ditch firewire when they were the huge force behind it!
  11. Same! Ever since I lost my 3G into the sea
  12. I think it will be huge, but I honestly don't think in this generation. 2nd gen will be the one everyone gets, much like iPhone 3G