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  1. Do I just need a card with QE, CI and OpenCL support to get it working with FCS?
  2. well actually opteron 12 core processors have been around for a while now... http://www.geeky-gadgets.com/amd-launches-...ors-29-03-2010/
  3. Hey, one of my friend's is planning to build a sweet little rig for some serious final cut work, he wants to go with the new intel i7 architecture and we have most of the stuff figured out, but where we are having trouble is in the graphics card department. Apple says that any "ATI or NVIDIA graphics processor" is supported for gpu acceleration with Final Cut Studio, does this mean we can pick any GPU or are only some of them supported with QE and CI, and also are QE and CI required for FCS GPU acceleration. Any pointers and help is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  4. i like the firs one, second one is too shiny...
  5. MacBook Pro with Vista

    it is Insanely Beautiful it is Insanely Beautiful
  6. FS: Core Duo Mac mini loaded with extras!

    what scam iPhone? The one i bought on the marketplace yesterday? Is it a scam?
  7. Swiss Army Knife

  8. Pwnage Tool 2.1 Released

    whats the difference between cydia and installer?
  9. Swiss Army Knife

  10. Leopard Installation Method

    Just go an BUY leopard JEEZ
  11. Is this agp or pci-e? i hv agp, will it work for me?
  12. Lamo Booing Mac

    FYI, that wasn't me I ain't that old...