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    ML 10.8.2 8086:1e20 no audio out

    I have tried your kext and it does not work on my laptop. I have the same sound card with the same vendor and device ID
  2. philcebutv

    Help Installing Mountain Lion On Asus x401a

    Ok. I manage to install clover on my hack system and is able to boot up clover menu. problem is when I select the Mountain Lion it stalls on System Uptime (random numbers) nanoseconds... and never get pass to it.
  3. philcebutv

    Chameleon 2.4 svn

    Hello does this support eufi bios?
  4. philcebutv

    Help Installing Mountain Lion On Asus x401a

    Hello i have this laptop and my processor is i3 with intel hd3000. I am able to install ML with qe/ci working but do not have the following on which a must requirement for me Bootloader - the internal drive does not boot. Currently booting to a usb installer to boot internal drive. Bios for some reason does not detect my laptops drive. I tried chimera, chameleon and clover does mot work for me. I have a gpt formatted drive. Wifi - not working. I need help finding kext. Tried bunch of kext but no dice Camera - not working. I need help finding kext. TIA Can you let me know if you had progress on your x401a hack laptop?
  5. philcebutv

    Acer Aspire 4730Z

    Tsangsi, Finally! I was able to find an HP mini pci-e WiFi card that runs on Broadcom 4311 chip. Replaced my atheros card and instantly the HP Wifi card was detected running on iAtkos v7. Posting here using the newly installed WiFi card. The only issue I am having is that sometimes when I watched movies using qucktime WiFi will just turned off by itself... weird! I have to restart to get the WiFi working.. Also Does anyone know if Quartz Extreme on Intel GMA 4500 can be enabled. There are so many video and picture application that wont run.. Can anyone please help me on how to get the Quartz Extreme working?
  6. philcebutv

    Acer Aspire 4730Z

    tsangi here is the railink drivers for macintosh http://www.ralinktech.com/support.php?s=3 but i am unsure if it will work as the Acer 4730z is using atheros AR5B91 chip. I have not tried it all but some but still got no wifi. I could not find any dell 1390 wifi card here in our place. did stan22490 replace his atheros wifi card with ralink?
  7. philcebutv

    Acer Aspire 4730Z

    thanks for the link.. everything works fine except for my wifi and my graphic quartz xtreme.. where you able to install Quartz Extreme on the video card.. If I play movies on Quicktime and VLC I got black screen but audio plays.. do you have a kext for intel 4500?
  8. philcebutv

    Acer Aspire 4730Z

    Finally I got it working.. everything works fine except for those application that needs quartz engine or something.. also my wifi does not work.. can anyone help me on how to get this atheros AR5B91 get recognize by OS X. I have search google numerous times but could not find any workable solution.. M1330 and Stan22490 how did you able to get the WiFi working.. kindly advice needed help! Tsangsi let me know if you find any workable solution.. right now I am eyeing on buying dell 1390 miniPCI express card and replace the WiFi card on my 4730z.
  9. philcebutv

    Acer Aspire 4730Z

    How did you guys able to install the iatkos v7 on Aspire 4730z I need help. I have the same model and for a week i was trying to install iatkos_v7 and I could not get the installer to run. The first attempt I tried I was getting "still waiting for root device" errors but I got pass that error using this boot flags rd=disk0. Right now I have CPU kernel Vodoo panic when using that boot flag rd=disk0 it says nfs_boot failed.. I am assuming that nfs is for network file system so I turned off the network boot on the bios but still got the same error. what's your boot parameter when you installed the iatkos_v7 can you let me know please. anyone please help.