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  1. Glad this post exists as I'm about to upgrade my card for Win7 but the new one isn't supported in OSX. I have a Gigabyte ex58-ud3r and run OSX and Win7 on separate drives, both use my ATI 4870 and it works fairly flawlessly in OSX. I'm upgrading my GPU to a Nvidia GTX570 and hope to still be able to run OSX well while I transition to primarily Win7 (leaving final cut and going to adobe, win7 has better better cuda options... plus I really like gaming). I'll update when I get the card and try it out.
  2. Any way to get sleep working properly? With my x58-ud3r when it goes to "sleep" it abruptly shuts the computer off, waking it up with the mouse does turn it back on, but it boots up, not wakes up. I tried installing that sleepenabler for 10.6.2 kext (first time installing a kext, used kexthelper), but nothing changed.
  3. edit- Well following the usb thumb drive instructions all went off without a hitch so far, I was happy that my 2 DVI monitors were instantly recognized and set up perfectly(and were still perfect after the 4870 driver install). Sound wasn't working at first but I just had to change the output to internal speakers, tomorrow I'm gonna see if the digital outs work(coax or optical) so I can get 5.1 in VLC watching HD MKVs. Hopefully coax since the 1 optical on my z5500's is used by my xbox. Is there some sort of bootscreen I can install that allows me to select which OS to load? I already had Win7 installed on my other internal hard drive. Core i7 EX58-UD3R 6GB G.Skill DDR3 xfx4870 1gb 2X1TB (1 for OSX - 1 for Win7)