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  1. I've read through loads of tutorials, and having trouble finding one that fits me, and that I believe will work and can clearly understand the instructions (Often, all the updates turn it into a hard to read mess) So basically, I have an Acer Aspire One 110 (AOA-110) which is the same as 150, but with SSD instead of HDD, as I understand it. I don't have an external DVD drive, and would very much like to avoid buying one... Unfortunatly, my mate who has an MBP is being an A about letting me use it for this. (He just bought it, so I guess it might be jealousy at the prospect of me having a mini-macbook for £50 as opposed to £900...) I can use USB stick (only 4GB, so it'd have to be a small package. But this is perfect really, as the SSD is only 8GB) but I need a solution to format it under Win7 or Ubuntu, someone tell me which ISO to use - iDeneb is smaller, I think? That will work best with my netbook. I'd like to be able to use as much as possible, mic, wifi etc. but I'm prepared to tinker around with querky stuff to get that going, I'm not afraid of a command line Thanks, Fordy.