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  1. i didnt touch on OSX for awhile... I gotton the imagefile of EEELeopard 3.1, burn it, booted it on my EEE 900. It boots into Chamelion and it prompts me to choose which OS. I chose the EEELeopard CD Drive and it boots (Read the CD for very long) and automatically restart. It doesnt go into the OS Installation at all
  2. Wow guys im back! it's a 2 year old thread and im amazed that it had helped many people! It was just experimental and i sold off my Toshiba A80 laptop ages ago I came back for Snow leopard
  3. Blank screen. Post installation

    Using DVI connection??? Direct connect it to your VGA
  4. No Display After apple boot logo

    I guess you're running DVI? Put a dvvi to VGA converter and connect a vga monitor
  5. My new system...

    Im using the JAS 10.4.7 OSX CD To install. I'm pretty sure it's the JAS's ATI patch that is making my PC blank screen after it loads into the OS. Why? Because i installed twice. Once by checking the ATI Patch and another didnt. I think it's because my graphic card is a dual DVI kind. Issit possible it supports only older cards which is VGA? I dont seem to see any work arounds yet. Im using a PowerColour Radeon X1600 512MB with Dual DVI. If anyone do, please please reply me. Cheers!
  6. You should be able to see it under System Profile or something. There's a section to see the Static IP. Go to top left Apple > System Info > More info. One of them on the list. Sorry cant go into detail as i got my laptop fried.
  7. My new system...

    Hi guys, Im back!. This time, i got a new system. It's a P4 3.4GHZ Extreme edition with a PowerColor 1600Pro 512MB Graphics card. OKAY, this is what i did. OFF hyper threading already and installed and customized as usual (SSE3). After it installs and reboot, it went to load the OS Stuff (Grey apple).... There after (about 15 secs), i went off. with monitor saying "Monitor going to sleep mode". I belive the CPU is still running as im looking at the HDD lights. It's still flickering. I guess it's because my Graphics card is running on DVI.. (2x DVI) and not VGA. Any solution for this? Cheers!
  8. System config file missing

    Guys, i solved the problem already. For me, i had the same problem with you guys. Cant get it to boot on a DVD. Same error message. I figured out setting slave and master settings on my drive and it doesn't work. Suddenly i taught of RAID and SATA. Because my motherboard only has one primary IDE, i took the DVD Drive from IDE 2 and connect with the HDD together. I set the drive to SLAVE. in this case, it can read already. And im typing this while the apple is loading for installation
  9. Can't get QUARTZ right.

    Hi, Running MacOSX 10.4.7. I've edited the kexts and replace the Device ID with the correct one already. Managed to bootup. However, the device ID are shown correctly on System Profiler. But there's no Quartz Extreme and no kext loaded. Please help!! Thanks
  10. What's my Device ID?

    Hello!, I have a lousy graphics and pretty laggy when it comes to the Screensavers. I read about it in the forums. It's something like a driver for my Graphics card right? How do i go about installing it? And Does it work for my X300? Also, Where do i get device IDs? Im damn noob in these. Here's a screenshot of my x300 display. Using mobility radeon X300 with 64 mb ram. Thanks alot brothers and sisters!!!
  11. X700 and other PCIE ATI Radeon finally work

    I had read for the past 10pages but i still don't get it. Does it work for my X300? Where do i get device IDs? Im damn noob in these. Here's a screenshot of my x300 display. Using mobility radeon X300 with 64 mb ram.
  12. JUST WANNA SHARE. Im using a toshiba satellite A80. on an Marvell Yukon 88E8036 PCI-E Fast Ethernet 1) Get the device id of the ethernet controller. Go into Windows -> Device Manager. Find the ethernet controller and get Properties on it. For mine, it is vendor 11AB Device 4351 it might be different between machines. please check! Click the Details tab and read the vendor id and device id. The vendor id is going to be "11AB" 2) In OSX, go into Terminal and edit the following file: sudo nano /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleYukon.kext/Contents/Info.plist if u get an "Open with" dialog, right click the file and click "Show Package Contents" Scroll down and find the following: <key>IOPCIPrimaryMatch</key> <string>0x436211AB</string> Replace the bold numbers with the device id you found above. Save the file. Exit the file. 3) Delete the following files. In Terminal, type (or copy and paste): sudo rm -r /System/Library/Extensions.mkext sudo rm -r /System/Library/Extensions.kextcache 4) Repair permissions. In Terminal, type: diskutil repairPermissions / 5) Reboot