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  1. Stick memory - to format it or not?

    No need to do that. Just leave it as it is. I'm assuming it's in fat32 format? If that's the case then leave it cos fat32 can be read and written by every os. If u format it as NTFS you'll bump into trouble accessing it in your mac (u can use a program to fix this but it's annoying) if u format it as HFS+ you'll bump into trouble accessing it in windows (" " same as above) and if you format it in anything other than fat32, most likely your camera(if you're using one with the card) won't be able to access/write to it anymore. If you're just using it for pics, there's no reason to format it into anything else but fat32.
  2. Reasons why I should buy a Mac

    I have been switching from windows to mac and back to windows for the past few years and in the end. I went back to OSX. I have an ibook but that's a bit too slow these days so I'm using my hackintosh til I can afford a new mac. In all seriousness, mac's generally do feel faster than a well spec-ed windows machine. Hardware specs and software management aside, OS X seems to have a lot better memory management than windows. I rarely come across paging and my harddrive is always silent unless I'm doing something intensive. Even at startup, osx seems to be a lot smoother. Keep in mind my hackintosh's specs aren't old (not the best either) but the experience I get in OSX is much better than in windows. Of course, when you think about it, a hackintosh can probably bring out 80-95% of the whole mac experience at maximum. There'll always be incompatibilities somewhere and then there's the aesthetics of the computer. I switched to windows initially cos I wanted to game. But then I realised that gaming wasn't that much of an important thing for me and I can do all my gaming in crossover or vmware anyway. So i went back to os x and now i'm finally happy with everything once again. I've never had any problems with windows too. But there's just a lot of annoying little things here and there that wastes my time and patience. OS X just feels so much easier to use and grow with. (And for some reason, i tend to be a lot more productive when using it too) My 2 cents.
  3. Halo - PPC Binary/Universal Binary/x86 Boot Camp - HELP!

    ehh there IS A UB version. I was playing it just a few months ago. Can't remember where I got it but I'm sure google will help. Not sure about a UB patch, but I'm sure there's a seperate UB version of it. EDIT: nvm, a very old thread lol
  4. Line6 Toneport solution with 10.5.2 Kalyway?

    I have the same problem and I've noticed that the noise only occurs randomly when my graphics hardware acceleration is in use. For example, when I'm playing a RMVB file in realplayer, if hardware video acceleration is on then there will be random bursts of noise. Very annoying and loud. Then one day, I disabled it, and voila! No more noises! I then realised that it's something to do with the video card and my toneport ux2 having some sort of hardware conflict. While recording (i.e. garageband) however, there were still random (very short) bursts of noise. But they were rare and didn't occur all the time. I've went on the line6 forums searching for answers since my first 10.4.8 hackintosh days and have still yet found a solution. I believe it's an issue with hackintoshes gfx card drivers (non-onboard ones) and the driver's from line6 not playing well together because I've yet to see the same issue on normal real macs such as my ibook.
  5. Digital camera suggestion

    agreed, there's absolutely no need for 10MP if you're an average joe. The MP craze is mostly a marketing strategy. They put the big numbers in there for how it looks on paper so don't get fooled. Sometimes you'll find that camera's with big MP's have crappy sensors that produce VERY bad images. (lots of noise for example) If you enjoyed using your sony in the past, you should continue using them now coz they're still very good performers. They usually produce nice and sharp images with good saturation (although some may think it's over saturated). Stabilization wise, I have no idea as i can't remember. But you should just do a google on it. Canon IXUS's are always popular too. And for good reasons.
  6. Forgive me for being honest, but seriously, aren't you being a little too picky? I mean look at windows. If you don't have the install disc (just to be fair, coz i assume you don't have the os x one either until you torrent it), then you'll be torrenting and burning anyway. Then you'll usually partition and install when you're doing a full installation for windows as well. You'll be setting up network and user details along with language options. (Albeit the network and language options can be 'skipped') AFTER you get into windows you'll have to install your gfx card, sound card (or usb sound equipment if you have one for your music), correct keyboard/mouse drivers and software. Not to mention you'll be restarting many times in windows during the whole process. with hackintoshes, of course it's not as easy as the real thing, but believe me, it's as easy as it gets already. If you were here a few years ago looking at some of the ways to get your hardware working or simple just trying to install it and making it work, you'd probably won't even consider giving it a go. For recent hacked osx86 leopard installations that you'll find everywhere, most of the hardware kexts(~drivers) are alreadying being installed while you're installing OS. (providing you check the right ones) I really don't see why you're thinking it's such a hassle. If you think about it, windows is too but you've been dealing it with years already. Just give it a go.
  7. well if it's a fake it's definately NOT by colorware. Besides the fact that colorware seems to have two seperate back pieces, the size of the curves are different. If you take careful notice of the colorware version, the sides start curving much more closer to the edge of the phone than the one in the photo.

    ^ ^ LOLOLOLOL nice one lol albeit a bit mean.
  9. ToH 10.5 + Brazil patch

    ehh where are you from? lol. not trying to be disrespectful or anything, but i'm having some difficulties in trying to understand what you just said. If anyone understands this better, can they please elaborate what he just said? I'm only getting something about using the brazil patch on the ToH release???? something along those lines maybe? lol
  10. ok, I've got XP installed on the 1st partition and OS X installed on the 2nd partition (after xp). They're both on the same physical drive. Now both vmware and parallels detect the partition with xp as BOOT CAMP partition, BUT whenever i try to boot it, it'll show me that MBR error 1 message. I can't do anything with it. if anyone has good knowledge of how partitions and MBR's work, can they give me some pointers? I'm afraid to mess around with the MBR of my XP partition because it's the 1st partition on the HDD. I'm scared it'll screw up my OSX boot up. Thanks and regards, Rick.
  11. hmm.. it doesn't work for me. Still getting the same KP. I think it's something to do with ASUS motherboards since the people that i've seen with KP's at start up are all ASUSes. Anyone know what to do? I'm on a Asus p5ld-2 se. EDIT: I've tried Shoarthing's method too. But no luck for me
  12. Rendering in Coverflow slow in 9a581

    i think u need to install codecs. you'll need to install perian for quicktime www.macupdate.com << you'll find it here
  13. ^ nope. on my 2.42Ghz C2D it stays roughly around 10% usage when idle too. I too think it's abit bizzare. I've noticed that it's not OS dependent either since the CPU usage was roughly the same when running a retail XP and a stripped down XP.
  14. WoW on Hackintosh, performance..

    if it's WOW install the mac version. It should be on the same DVD install. WC3, just update it. The newest updates make them UB which will run a hell lot faster.
  15. ^ ^ i think he means screen sharing in ichat. (if i remember properly from the keynote)