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  1. Thanks for the reply. What I was driving at was that the legacy CD won't get past the first few seconds of trying to boot. So, I couldn't even get a try to follow the procedure. The Nawcom CD was getting me to the install but gagging. So, ultimately, your suggestions, while potentially helpful following install to get a stable system do not help with the initial boot from the legacy CD to even TRY an install. The Dell GX620 I have will not apparently take a Core Duo CPU. The internal GMA950 graphics and sound should work fine according to earlier posts, so I am confident it was something with the legacy CD preboot.dmg, a plist file or something being passed/not being passed to the kernel on start up that caused the gag. As it turned out, the Nawcom boot, followed by a slimmer install (unchecked all the optional stuff) worked fine. Then, following the first post (procedure one) worked fine with only one hiccup. My old GX620 is chugging along just fine now, fully updated to 10.6.8 booting fine from the external USB hard-drive. It is even interacting fine with my older Chameleon bootloader on the internal SATA drive.
  2. EDIT (2012-07-24): After a little thinking, I looked over the Nawcom booter again and decided to give it another shot to the basic procedure by the original poster. The only change came in reducing the size of the install to ONLY the critical components and unchecking anything optional (installed later). I then followed the procedure to the letter and it worked ALMOST fine. The 10.6.8 updater appeared to work fine. However, when I ran the legacy kernel installer pkg, it ALSO produced a "restart" option when it finished. I soldiered on and rebooted as instructed and installed the needed kexts for networking and sournd (don't need MAC fix, my router handles and zero'ed MAC). I then proceeded to RE-install the 10.6.8 update as instructed, followed AGAIN by running the legacy kernel installer. Presto, stable system. The remaining small updates worked fine and the system appears initially stable. It is interacting with my internal SATA HDD fine, allowing me to boot my other OS's (WinXP and OSX Leopard) fine. I can also use the Chameleon bootloader on my main HDD to boot the new Snow Leopard partition on my external USB drive. So...I would say was almost a seamless install. Kudos to the original poster for the detailed instructions. END EDIT.............. Hey all, This appears to be an active thread so here goes. I have a Dell GX620 small form factor that is the following specs: Intel Pentium D 3.6Ghz (dual CPU) 1GB DDR2 RAM 80 GB SATA HDD Internal Floppy PATA IDE DVD-ROM Drive Intel GMA950 internal graphics (8MB shared enabled) BIOS version A11 The internal HDD has a dual boot WinXP SP3 and Leopard 10.5.8 installation (iDeneb Lite with some kext patches). This works mostly fine with only some wonky graphics "issues", such as tearing in odd ways sometimes and will not sleep. Otherwise, rock solid, both OS'es. However, I would like to "test drive" Snow Leopard. The method overview in post #1 of this thread looked promising. Obtained all the tools listed, burned the "Eye Boot" Legacy CD, dumped the tools to a USB drive and off to the races. NOTE: I wanted to avoid using the internal hard drive, so I attached and external IDE drive (100 GB Maxtor unit) through a USB adapter and external power supply. The drive was low level formatted prior to make sure it was clean. Issue 1: "Eye Boot" Legacy gets started, runs for all of two seconds, with some initial text at the top left, then unceremoniously craps out and forces a warm reboot, over and over again until I shut of the computer. "Eye Boot" Legacy is showing as version 2.7.2. Issue 2: Nawcom Boot CD boot the computer fine and allows the swap of the Installer DVD. However, the installer makes it about 50% of the way through then dumps an error pop up indicating an error and cannot continue. I am offered only a choice of "Restart" or.... "Restart". So, looking for a little guidance as to what I might be missing. Is there some key errors I should be looking for during the non-graphical boot for Nawcom? Is there something I should look out for in the non-graphical portion of the booting of the Installer DVD? Does anyone have any suggestions as to why the "Eye Boot" Legacy CD is gagging? One thing I note in the video tutorial is the version of BIOS on the test bed is A07. Thanks, Squiffy