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  1. i could use some help on my asus

    I watched that guys videos it doesn't help because 1 I don't have a Mac I use disk and two his mod CD that he made doesnt load up from disk or flash drive so I can't use his method I've also messaged him and he doesn't reply and is an Asus k53u
  2. i could use some help on my asus

    All that white txt that flowed down the screen in that video was from using -v and I've installed with no kernal and then seperatly with the voodoo krrnals and then together still no luck what do u need a pic of to help
  3. i could use some help on my asus

    here is a video using -v -f and -x
  4. these are my system setting if you need more i can provide i need to know what drivers to install at the customization screen when i install it iatkos v7 also its the only one i can even get to the install screen on my system if anyone can help install a newer version or update this once i get it installed i would be very grateful i have it installed but i dont know what i didi wrong so it doesn't boot amd e-350 dual core 1.6 ghz amd readeon HD 6310 4 gigs ram 500 gig hdd sata deneric multi card usb device HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GT34N ATA Device standard ACHI 1.0 serial ATA Controler Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Conroler ASUS USB 2.0 Webcam Standard PS/2 keyboard PS/2 Compatable mouse atheros AR9285 wireless network adapter realteck PCIe GBE Family Controler Amd high definition audio device realteck High defintion audio (3 usb ports, memory card reader,touchpad mouse)
  5. Asus x53u k53u

    Amd E-350 4 gigs ram 500 gb wd scorpio black AMD Radeon HD 6310 i have tried countless versions of mac not just leo the farthest i have gotten it getting iatkos v7 installed i have gotten to the glossy apple logo then it stops there im not sure im installing the right drivers or anything on install any help would be greatly appreciated if any more info is needed just ask thank you