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  1. kiFla

    Imessage and facetime Public Beta 2

    Great for resolving your Issue. I wasn't asked for Apple ID security questions, and login to appleid.apple.com and PIN (???) Anyway, case is resolved
  2. kiFla

    Imessage and facetime Public Beta 2

    Same with me. It is a local number but support is in English.
  3. kiFla

    Imessage and facetime Public Beta 2

    Call them, you have nothing to lose. Post your results
  4. kiFla

    Imessage and facetime Public Beta 2

    No, I didn't enter SMUUID - it's blank in Clover configurator. I tried first method. Didn't work. Yes, I have MLB, ROM and valid serial number. Just that.
  5. kiFla

    Imessage and facetime Public Beta 2

    I told them that I have MacPro (generated serial was form clover ccongifurator which is checked with selfsolve.) They asked me for serial number of machine. After checking they asked me my apple ID and OS X version. First I tell them for 10.10 beta 2. They refuse to help me because the dont support beta products. Then I told them that I have Maverics on other SSD. They accept that an ask me what is the problem. I explained the problem with connection with imessage and facetime. Then they asked me for generated Apple support code (displayed after refused activation). After 10 seconds they asked me to try sign on again. And imessages activates without problem. They told me that my ID is unlocked for my computer. Facetime works too! They didn't ask me anything about hackintosh. About Clover configuration: I have change rom and mlb to 11111.... (Few posts up) in rt variables. SmuUUID is still empty in clover configurator SMBios tab. Still cannot connect. After that I called Apple support. I tried every solution before but nothing works. probably my ID was locked because many different tries.(different smbios, ROM versions etc. Apple support is very kind and cooperative with lots of patient
  6. kiFla

    Imessage and facetime Public Beta 2

    I generated valid serial number (checked with self solve) with Clover configurator. Then call Apple Support and they unlocked my iMessage and FaceTime.
  7. Mine too. Gigabyte EP45-DS3P. Same behavior.
  8. kiFla

    Lion GM Facetime error

    Thanks! Facetime finally works with Chameleon r755.
  9. Thanx Andy, works perfectly! Snow Leopard 10.6.8
  10. Thanks notshy, but it didn't help. Interesting is when I try to sleep second or third time he went to sleep and wakes up for about 3 seconds and then enter to sleep again (monitor didn't turn on) and then enter to endless loop wake-up - sleep. I must disconnect power cord to stop it.
  11. Yes, same thing with Apple Wirelles Keyboard and Belkin USB Mini bluetooth adapter!
  12. I have same problem. Problem is Apple Magic TrackPad. I also have Apple wireless keyboard. When Magic Trackpad is turned off manually, sleep working without problem (no instant wake-up)
  13. I have same dongle. I have Apple Wireless Keyboard and Apple Magic TrackPad. My problem is with Trackpad. I cannot enter sleep because Magic Trackpad always wake up hackintosh imidiatelly after he went to sleep. When Trackpad is turned off sleep work without problem (I can wake it up by pressing any key on Apple wireless keyboard and after wakeup keypoard works perfectly. Magic Trackpad is a problem. Can you try it wit MagicTrackpad? Mine doesn't allow sleep because he imidiately wakes up system.
  14. Mine too. Belkin Mini BT USB Stick and Magic Trackpad. I need to unplug-plug USB Stick! Apple Wireless Keyboard works, but after wake up from sleep it connects but function keys are lost (they behave like odrinary F1-F12 keys. Also Logitech diNovo MediaPad works without problem! Replugging Belkin USB fix all issues.