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  1. Wppley2

    OpenCore Discussion

    When I've installed OpenCore for the first time, I don't disable these two things and was getting the same error that you have, so I disable these but it don't work. I think if you don't disable this on in the first time you configure OpenCore, you need to do all configuration again, from zero point, disabling vault.
  2. Wppley2

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Hi all! I'm giving a new try to VirtualSMC, but I'm getting black screen after boot with finishing with kextd stall (60s) "APPLEACPICPU" message. Anybody can help me? Thanks in advance.
  3. Wppley2

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Same here with same ALC887 and Lilu 1.2.7.
  4. Wppley2

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Ok! Thank you for response.
  5. Wppley2

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Hey Allan! Yes. Cleaned nvram, rebuild kext cache,
  6. Wppley2

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Yes. Lilu 1.2.7.
  7. Wppley2

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Tried this.
  8. Wppley2

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    I tried the official release shared some posts ago. For the first time I did not build kext alone. I think that's not the right answer. We are testing your kext as a good new part for our hackintosh universe. I was very scared, because I use MacOS for work, but thank God everything went well with FakeSMC again. I found your kext very good, bring the hackintosh even closer to the original Apple, but I do not think that a response like that would be satisfactory for someone who is relying on your work.
  9. Wppley2

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    With the latest release my rig cannot boot. Stuck at appleacpicpu. Need to back to Fakesmc. I tried to replace the old kexts using Ubuntu, rebuild caches, clear nvram, rollback config.plist... etc. but nothing works. What happens? Someone can tell me?
  10. Wppley2

    New EFI Partition Mounter tool

    Oh, ok! Thank you for the reply. I will wait...
  11. Wppley2

    New EFI Partition Mounter tool

    Hi all! Where I can find this app for download?
  12. Wppley2

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    All working good at the moment. Thanks to the devs. Enviado do meu iPhone usando Tapatalk
  13. Wppley2

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Sorry but it stuck completly, but i whant to test. Anybody can help me? Enviado do meu iPhone usando Tapatalk