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  1. hi, do you guys know about a PCI Video Card which could offer dual display, that would work into my K45se Out of the box if possible thanks
  2. bonjour, le power mac est il encore dispo? dual screen possible? merci
  3. problem fixed thanks everyone now running 10.6.3 correctly, with the great pleasure of having sound!
  4. hi hank Thanks for your quick answer. However, i feel kind of stuck in a dead-end: at the root, i ve 4 folders : - Applications, - library - system - users and...that's it! Two weird things : - the guy i bough from the shuttle told me he did it following this guide... - the sleep perfectly works right now. What i do not understand is how is it possible for it to work as i can't find my sleepenabler.kext? thanks a lot for your help.
  5. MAJ 10.6.3

    bonjour, est ce que quelqu un pourrait m indiquer ou trouver sleepenabler.kext? il n est pas dans le dossier /system/library/extensions et je ne trouve pas le dossier /extra... Pour info j ai un shuttle K45se acheté d emblée en 10.6.2... Merci
  6. hi guys, i have a K45SE, which was perfectly good working. I prepared the upgrade to 10.6.3 by backing up the appleHDA.kext and looked up for the sleepenabler.kext but i wasn't able to find it! it definitely wasn t in /system/library/extensions and i couldnt find the /EXTRA file after reading that some doesn't have the sleepenabler i just though that it was my case. After installation i kind of have the feeling that i had it... A pretty kernel panic at boot. My question is : where to find and how to delete sleepenabler from the boot? I don't know much about the initial installation as i bough it like that. Thanks you very much and please excuse my frenchy english EDIT : I succeed in restoring my install (thanks to clonezilla that i ran just before )) Where can i find sleepenabler.kext other than in /SYSTEM/LIBRARY/EXTENSIONS where i couldnt find it? cheers