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  1. Thank you very much for the intel Macky ! Was thinking about rebuilding a multiboot form scratch... Waiting for A20 then...
  2. Thanks macky for the 10.8.2 image ! Downloading now Sadly I won't be able to install it that soon, as I have installed a Samsung 830 SSD, I only got bluescreens in windows and random crashes with a final unresumable crash on OSX on A12 bios... since being on A17, Windows works, and as I need the XPS for my work, playing around is not a solution for the moment. I am waiting for the (A19?) Bios for win8 with the resume fix, linked before (thanks for the news Zpecter) ! Hoping this one will bring features from A18 with resume possibility from A12... As soon as I can flash I will report back Thanks for all your hard works ! (And happy to see there is some Bios hacking on the go for the L702X shame that we have sopoor options...)
  3. thanks Will try it. I will try to see with Macky if he knows how to get the battery indications working
  4. Well It still is buggy for me... not a real bugger.. but with the high minimum brightness it will be difficult to use it as a pc at university with long lectures ^^
  5. Would it be possible using it on Lion ? I have both applesmartbattery and voodoobattery.. strange things going around here ^^ Thanks for your help and congrats on your 1000th post
  6. In the meantime I veryfied if I had voodoobattery, and it is there... is it possible that there is another Kext interfering ? The problem is not when I stick the powerplug out or in while in function, this works as it should. It's more when i suspend activity and unplug then, It will still tell it is connected and won't change...
  7. I will try it out, thanks On windows if I go on the lowest or second lowest step it's darker than on the second last on OSX (the one before having a full black screen )
  8. Here are my feelings about hte new DSDT, don't know if it's new or not, as I never got that deep into OSX. It doesn't clearly detect if I have my power input put in or not. It seems that if it goes to sleep once, it won't change the state and think it is still charging even if it is deconnect from the power supply. Increase and decrease of the luminosity is working with the added kext. But it seems as it goes not as down as on windows, keeping the battery life quite short, even if it is better without the nvidia card (ways better ^^) Thanks Macky and Doix, this is just working great. now I just need a displayport to HDMI adapter to get my films on the TV ^^
  9. Hy Macky, Got everything running (for the moment ^^) Only thing is that with the new DSDT it is impossible for me to switch brightness with fn keys... Is the DSDT designed for A12 or A17 cause I'm on A12 at the moment and this may explain some things...
  10. Would really love this, as it is the one thing stopping me from getting my hands on this mess a new time ^^ Hope you will achieve it
  11. @Doix Comming from MackyReddy's L702X thread, I remember you once said you would be looking into a dsdt modification to stop loading the Nvidia GPU, arre there any news on that side ? It's the only thing stopping me from reinstalling OSX
  12. As I still want to use some aspects of the full OS (mostly the fonts and languages (yeayyy german and french typo's ^^) Would it be possible for you to eather make such a preinstall for the whole OS (Or a folder with the things i would need to add (or a list with what to extract from iatkos)) to get some stuff back ? My goal would be to have a preinstall restore image which I could install when I want on my SSD alongside windows... (IS this even possible if I allready have windows ?) Sorry for so much questions, If it's better, we can continue on PM's... (or if I take too much of your tim just cut the discussion ^^) thanks for this, gonna try it, when my spare time allows it Greetings
  13. It's always a pleasure I now have a 128 Gb SSD In the first bay (the original HDD from Dell died... HDD's arent for moving around working notebooks ) Do you think it would be safe enough to install it sideways to windows 7 on the SSD or better to just have it on the usb-key ? As you've tried ML, are there any other things getting better ? And are there any news of a full cut-off of the Nvidia Chip or this new "optimus support", As I'd like to use OSX on battery as well ^^ (And IMO the graphics being on all the time isn't what is best for the PC) A friend of mine having a mac, but being on vacation now, I will look into the restore a bit later I think, this will save me some time Thanks for your devotion, really lucky to have the same notebook as you. Have a nice time, Greetings
  14. Am I the only one reading this ? Of course I am super duper interested ^^ What would be the stripdown ? Would there be things missing ? And would it be updated to mountain lion also ? Looking soooo forward into this
  15. I wrote this a page back, Hoping you can help me with this, Thank you very much !