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  1. Exactly. You have no idea what communism is madwh. I agree with your stance that blocking these videos is wrong but it is capitalism (or rather corporatism) you have an issue with. If the RIAA and these other conglomerates weren't so greedy you would have true freedom of information. Just because you saw someone say communist on Fox News doesn't make everything you don't like communist.
  2. [HowTo] Fix Network Problem with Intel PRO/100 VE

    Frugi, you are the man. I'd been trying everything on these forums too, but it seems the second instance of AppleIntel8255.kext was the final straw. You're probably right. With the limited experience I've had with various installers, it does seem as though less is more, and that there would be no duplicate without installing these extra drivers.
  3. iPc 10.5.6. boot0 : error

    Can you be more specific? I'm a bit new to this - but I've tried the aforementioned guide and still get the boot0: error upon startup. Some things I should note: I'm attempting to sextuple boot my machine. I've got 6 partitions on the main hard disk, with successful installations of XP Professional, XP Media Center, Vista Ultimate, 7 Ultimate, and Ubuntu Linux. Along the way, I made some mistakes, thus the disk0s2 and disk0s3 slots do not exist. The OS X partition is at disk0s8. I've read in some places that nothing can boot from slots higher than disk0s3, but I'm quite sure that Ubuntu boots just fine from disk0s9, and some versions of Windows are booting from disk0s4, disk0s5, and disk0s6. I think it's Windows 7 booting from disk0s0, but I'm not entirely sure as I'm away from the PC at the moment. System specifications: Intel Core Duo 3.00 Ghz ATI Radeon X600 256MB Sigmatel Audio - Not quite sure on that. Intel 10/100 Pro Ethernet It's a Dell Dimension E510. I'm not really sure about the "guts" of the machine. Above is what I know. I'm new at this, but I'm willing to learn if anyone has the patience to help me through this process. I know it sounds crazy, but I cannot boot to a command prompt. The options on my screen upon BIOS startup are: Boot from Hard Disk Boot from CD Boot from USB device And 3 other options that are essentially Disk Check and gateways to system options. Nothing in the system options seems to allow booting to a command prompt The above options appear when I hit F12, not F8. F8 does nothing. F2 boots to system BIOS options. The only way I've been able to boot to a prompt is using the iPC install CD, booting to that CD, then hitting F8. But at that point, when I try to boot in verbose mode, it simply boots the CD in verbose mode and not the actual OS X installation I had just completed. I think I've mentioned all I know. Please help.