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  1. 10.6.6 released

    @hausbox Thanks for your help. At the end exclusions of ntfs volumes solved problem. First time I probably excluded only mac volume for test, but I was sure that I excluded ntfs volumes also. When you wrote that exclusions of ntfs volumes works i tried once more and now everything is OK, there is no more disk activity. I ran cinebench, cpu is slightly better, opengl is same. Regards, zogu.
  2. 10.6.6 released

    First I had to patch System/Library/PreferencePanes/Spotlight.prefPane/Contents/MacOS/Spotlight with amd_insn_patcher because privacy tab crashed my system, after that I excluded my boot volume, but there is still long disk activity after boot. I even think that sound is coming from my ntfs volumes (different disk and they sound different ). I can't exclude ntfs volumes from spotlight. if I add them after next reboot they are not excluded, only boot volume remain excluded. As i know, if it is not changed in 10.6.6, ntfs volumes are mounted ro and spotlight can't cache them, maybe nforceata problem? Now it stopped, more then 10 minutes after boot I also repaired permissions and I will reboot it again.....
  3. 10.6.6 released

    Updated successfully . System info: GA-M52L-S35 with dsdt.aml from kexts.com AMD X2 4200 GA 8600GT silent IDE HDD IDE CDROM VoodooHDA for sound Everything works, APP STORE works (just installed two free apps), USB works. I didn't make any test, but I think that speed is about same or similar like was before update. Only issue I noticed is that hdd led continue to work for about 15 mins after boot?? Sleep and PS/2 never worked on my main board.
  4. Hi Kabyl, Thank you for your great work, do you have plan to add support for 4350? At this moment it is not supported and for most people it doesn't work. I'm willing to test it if you need some feedback.
  5. HI Dong, Can you make it working with 4350? I'm getting blank screen, I tried to replace lightlevel from 255 to 0, and both VGA and DVI ports, but nothing happened. I didn't tested with HDMI, I don't have a cable. Here I attached my linux logs (xorg, xrandr, glxinfo, lspci -nnvv): http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1601223 Thanks!
  6. Hi Kabyl, Can you add support for ATI4350, device ID 954f. With your boot I'm getting error that card is not supported. I can't get this card to work with dvi or vga port. From Linux I see that first port is HDMI, I didn't test it with HDMI cable. I attached xorg.log, xrandr, lspci and glxinfo from linux, i hope it is enough. Regards, Zogu. 4350.zip