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  1. Thanks mnfesq! I have 10.8.2 installed and was able to boot into it using -v -x after a kernel panic without safeboot. Do you think the Lapic Kernel Patcher above will work for Clover on 10.8.2, since Gygabyte seemed to have no luck with installs later than 10.8.4? Thanks again!
  2. UPDATE Following Gygabyte's earlier guide, I was able to get to the install screen using installer files from 10.8.2 and Chameleon. Does Clover have the same KernelPatcher.dylib file that Chameleon does in order to get past the reboot loop? Thanks mnfesq for your insight, I will update you on my progress. Thanks Gygabyte! Best Regards, JPSys
  3. Hello Gygabyte, Got it, thanks. I have been trying to get to the install screen via the Clover bootloader, but I seem to always get the reboot problem as soon as the kernel starts, and I am stuck on that step. I have checked the OSXAptioFixDrv option using the Clover Installer application when preparing the USB stick. I am attempting a few other options-- if you have any pearls of wisdom, I thank you in advance. Best Regards, JPSys
  4. Hello Gygabyte, I do not mean to rush you, but I just found your thread and have an Envy 17-j092nr. Might you please update your guide based on the Clover bootloader you currently run? I will be happy to share my findings if it will help. Thank you so much! Sorry I could not help earlier. Best Regards, jpsys