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  1. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    I'm having a kernel panic before the setup starts: Unsupported CPU: family = 0x6 model=0x1c, stepping = 0x2 AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement I followed your guide.
  2. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    What Kexts to select on installation??
  3. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Yep, upgraded to 10.7.2 now and every things working, except for the sound, where are the kexts for 10.7.2? Sulake, is your system 10.7.2? And where do I need to install them /E/E or /S/L/E ?
  4. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Ok, so I've tried to use the old bootloader. Now it says Hibernate image is too old, use ForceWake=y to override and it still doesnt work.. Also please upload you mach kernel and mach kernel atom please?? =D EDIT: Also do oyu have the file com.apple.Boot.plist in your root? EDIT2: Ok, so I've made an /Extra folder, and it gives me a "dont park"-symbol any ideas? In verbose it gives me: No interval found for / using 8000000 still waiting foor root device and then it hangs. Any ideas?
  5. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Sulake, yes I did copy the file and the extra folder. Could you please upload your chameleon boot file (found in the root of your drive ) org.chameleon.Boot.plist Also: Have you installed the Chameleon pref pane? Could you please screenshot every tab so I can see if I have the same
  6. How long does the permission fixing take average? EDIT: nevermind, I was impatient;)
  7. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    I'll try the long process EDIT: YEP THAT WORKED =D FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! EDIT2.3: Ok now 1 more issue: 1)I can't boot from harddrive, the Chameleon says something about an unvalid image, it starts to load, and then it just reboots. I can however boot from my USB stick with the same Chameleon (latest 2.1) Videos: http://youtu.be/gAe7_gAPnto EDIT THE KEY WAS TO COPY THE WHOLE EXTRA FOLDER AS A FOLDER!! cp -r /Volumes/YourUSB/Extra /Volumes/YourHDD/Extra
  8. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    I have 0326, I have the cracked (with AHCI) aswell as the standard. Tried both I'm gonna try the new beta boot maker Ok this is what I have now: Windows 7 Mac OS X (I can run the pre-installed one I found here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0dcxfbquw0) But the standard language is russian.. What I want: My own Mac OS X. But why is this so complicated, can't this be easy? It should be the same for everyone right? What I want to know is: Have you installed MAC OS X with the Boot Maker with the STANDARD options, or did you select anything else?? Like Chameleon 1203? Ok, I made another video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rtpZzU8Y7M
  9. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Toletum, I can boot from my USB to the partition, but then it reboots. I have the standard x64 installed (this is standard selected in the boot maker), what command do I need to enter to get it working? I tried -arch=i386, but it loads all these HFS+ files, then my laptop REBOOTS and it doesn't load... Can you tell me exactly what you selected in the Boot Maker? what bootloader did you select?
  10. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    EDIT: I'm going to re-try it with a clean computer, wish me luck! EDIT2: YES I've DONE IT! I can install Lion EDIT3: Too early, when my pc tries to boot, I just get a blinking cursor again... Something wrong with the boot? Here's a vid with my problem http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSFOtbPtr48 EDIT4: Ok I can get it to "boot" for a little, I press -v in the bootloader, I see a lot of lines, and suddenly the pc reboots
  11. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Hey guys, I have this issue, I plug in my USB key and I select it, but I'm just getting a screen with a white blinking cursor. I have AHCI on, what am I doing WRONG? I used the pre-install tool...
  12. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Hey Laotzu, I don't know but it's not mine, it's just for reference
  13. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    So guys, I'm still unsure about what WiFi card I need to get. Is it an Atheros (http://www.benl.ebay...=item1c19264689) Or Dell 1510 (http://www.benl.ebay...=item335ec34429) In the tutorial BAseSystem.dmg, is that Install Mac OS X Lion.dmg?
  14. Hey, I'm having this issue, my installer runs until around 50%, and then I get an error message and it says mac could not complete the install. Is there anything I should do besides -v and -x while booting? I have: Asus P8p67 Rev B3.0 Intel Core i5 2500K