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  1. So that means 3.1 was the right choice for the smbios.plist? It seems to be anyway as I followed the instructions and wow - the lag is gone! Thank you so much eep357. Everything is super smooth The only problem I have now is that youtube/vimeo videos stop after exactly 11 seconds still. I've tried other sites and so far fine... Is this likely to be related, or a different problem?
  2. Great, thanks eep357. I'm at work now but I'll get onto that as soon as I get home and report back. Your 'Black Mountain' really sounds like something by the way
  3. Hi all, I've been successfully running Mac OS on my Asus P5K machine with an Intel Q6600 for quite a few years starting with Snow Leopard and was most recently on Lion 10.7.4 with everything working using: spanakorizo's dsdt.aml from the thread http://www.insanelym...ack-pearl-only/ Chameleon (latest version) fakesmc v3.1 VooDooHDA 2.7.2 for sound evoreboot.kext to help with sleep/restart performance I've hit a few problems along the way but I've always managed to work them out. However, in Mountain Lion I'm experiencing a strange UI lag/choppy graphics and videos getting the 'hiccups' or freezing up completely. Often when I type there is a delay between pressing the keys and the letters appearing on screen, scrolling is jerky and icons in the dock don't 'bounce' smoothly. I've never had any graphics problems with the 8800GT before, it has always seemed very compatible. To test I have created a new ML installation from scratch and installed Chameleon and fakesmc. I have been careful to take things one step at a time so I tried booting without the dsdt.aml and made an interesting discovery - I don't need the dsdt.aml after all! It doesn't seem to make any difference either way, so I've removed it. I presume this is due to improvements over the years in Chameleon. In ML I lost ethernet, so I installed the realtek drivers which fixed that. But I still have this frustrating lag! So far I've tried: installing the latest official nvidia drivers for Mac (which were released last week and list the 8800GT as supported) - this makes no difference at all. Upgrading fakesmc to the latest version - this made no difference either. Flagging GraphicsEnabler=0 on boot too, this just results in a black screen after boot (as I expected, as the 8800GT isn't a card with supports this AFAIK). I'm not sure what to try next - Google suggests that choppy/laggy graphics can often be a problem in ML but there are more threads about real Macs than hacks, which in a way isn't reassuring! Surely my 8800GT is powerful enough to deliver the graphics when ML is basically idling? It can't be new graphics card time already, can it?! Can anyone help? Thanks, Pete.
  4. Apple Magic Mouse OSX86 - external bluetooth dongle

    I've tried following ttgolf's instructions and using his modified kext to wake from sleep with the magic mouse, but I have a problem. I can wake from sleep by clicking the mouse, but the cursor will then be frozen and the mouse doesn't work. I then have to pull my (Broadcom) Trust Bt-2400p dongle out and back in to make it work again. If I wake with my (wired) keyboard this doesn't happen, it's just when I use the mouse. I thought it could be something to do with the kexts I'm using (evoreboot and OSXrestart) but I tried removing them and have the same issue. I also tried trashing the com.apple.bluetooth.plist file so it is recreated but this doesn't help. I've tried the dongle in different USB slots but the same thing happens. I had to change the product ID as mine is 2101 (8449 in decimal) but a few others seem to have changed it to this value successfully. Any ideas? I've got an Asus P5K Premium and apart from the restart kexts above I'm using fakesmc, PlatformUUID and AD1988b.
  5. Apple Magic Mouse OSX86 - external bluetooth dongle

    Hi DeeTox, Can you wake your machine with the magic mouse and this dongle? Pete.