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  1. Here's a problem I doubt anyone would expect. I'm running Sheepshaver Mac OS 8.6 on my Intel MacBook Pro (January 2008), and I got it to run some old games for nostalgia's sake. My problem is that it runs too FAST. TOO FAST. It boots up and responds like a miracle, but I can't get through the game with it going double- and triple-time! I started by giving it 128 MB of memory, then 32 MB (the lowest setting), then 256 MB. Maybe it was my imagination, but I thought it was running even faster with less memory. I also tried setting the memory of the game (Power Pete) to even lower than 5113 kb, and it didn't even crash. It ran just as fast. Surely, there is some way to slow this thing down! I'm not totally illiterate, though I suppose I'm not the sharpest man for the job. Anyone have any ideas?