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  1. ATI Mobility Radeon 9600/9700 QE Enabled....WORKS!

    any progress/updates on this?? or anyone for that matter?? i have a t42 with a radeon 9700 that successfuly took iPC 10.5.6. looking to try this above solution but wanted to see if anyone else had tried???
  2. ATIRadeon9700 Patch?

    CpTDodge, any progress/updates on this?? or anyone for that matter?? i have a t42 with a radeon 9700 that successfuly took iPC 10.5.6. looking to try this above solution but wanted to see if anyone else had tried???
  3. X700 and other PCIE ATI Radeon finally work

    Hey orangemeow... how did it go?
  4. ATI 9550 / X1050 AGP QE

    I have a radeon 9700 card on my t42 im trying to get working. did anyone have any progress with the universal binary pack provided above?? I will be trying this on my t42 it seems the most promising in terms of getting radeon 9700 to work in leopard. any one tried this yet??
  5. Styrian, IT WORKS!! your suggesstion worked beautifully. I can control the full 8 brightness setting with the built in FN keys!! applied the ich8 fn keys fix and bam. I cant thank you enough.
  6. ya acceleration is supported natively with radeonx1000.kext with device plist edit. radeonhd.kext is my framebuffer. both work very well. i did not have to enter edid into radeonhd. it seems to autodetect it. i downloaded switchresx and the edid string it gives me is different than the one extracted through windows. not sure what my edid is...
  7. THAT WAS IT! I booted without dsdt put it to sleep and bluetooth woke!! ok well i guess i will start from scratch with my dsdt extracted from bios and add code as i go. such simple but great advice. thank you cobra2168! I got the bcm2045 driver from here. ya it adds a bunch of devices for me too but once i add a real device it stops adding dummy devices... so lesson learned... even if its a dsdt edit from the same model laptop, always start from scratch.
  8. sure thing... ioregSaved.txt
  9. styrian, latinmcg i did add all my device id/vendor id stuff into the stock driver. I even found that optimized driver for bcm2045 that gives me the ability to turn it off and ungreys the option to allow bluetooth hid device to wake the computer from sleep but bluetooth is still 'unavailable' after wake. cobra2168, The dsdt im using is for a t60p. I have the same model laptop as that. Credit goes to silencer. he does not have any mention of the usb bt problem in his dsdt guide. so ya ive tried a lot of things here. still stumped... any leads?? latinmcg, i found 'classiscmustnotseize' and it is set to true...
  10. Any idea where i might find dsdt code for fn key patch?? ive been looking around that program and i dont see any pre-defined dsdt code. dsdtse has some predefined fixes but nothing like taht. where could i find some code for something like that??? thanks! (exciting stuff)
  11. Ok i understand there is no chance of getting the brightness slider on my t60 with x1400. if anyone has a tip/link to a dsdt fix for this. There has got to be a way to write to the brightness register from dsdt. ive seen some success with dsdt edits and hotkeys. already tried the genericbrightness.kext solution with no success.
  12. hopefully it is kext issue... based on what rampage dev said. bought a bcm92046 that goes in a lenovo x200. supposedly the x200 has the same bdc slot as the t60. some people were reporting full functionality with bcm92046. will report back next year with results...
  13. Howdy. Need the kext pack as well. is it still available?? thx in advance. email is musashiz222(at)yahoo(dot)com.
  14. According to vampyrex13, he stated he fixed it in post #83 on infinitemac guide on 'Installing Snow Leopard on ThinkPad X61' in his custom dsdt. im going to search for his dsdt. what should i look for in his dsdt??
  15. Download link is 'bandwidth exceeded' anyone wanna send me the files? id be most grateful