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  1. Thanks Juanerson. I took out the dsdt.dsl from the zip file - I'm sure there is a lot to correct. I must say though that it compiles ok with iASLMe.app... I'll make a new one following your advice. The only one thing I forgot to mention before, is that after waking from sleep kernel.log shows a Firewire problem. I don't use Firewire so for me it's only cosmentic, but to get rid of it I disabled the IOFirewireFamily.kext. Has anyone solved this? You don't even notice it if not checking the kernel.log after wake from sleep here the HP6x10b kext-etc package without dsdt.dsl. Whoever may use it, please replace the included dsdt.aml with one made following Juanerson's advice above. This one is not perfect but works and might help to get someone started. I'll post a new one later - whenever I find time to make it HP6510b.zip
  2. Sorry. I know this thread is for HP 6x20s - but it is closely related... @Defender666 I have a HP6510b, Dual Core T7700 2.4GHz I have a fully working Vanilla 10.6.4. I have built it following this thread and basing my dsdt on Einstein_ein dsdt For installing and updating I use digital_dreamer Hackinstaller. It's very practical. Sleep works with sleepwatcher (from smilenkowsky thread - Juanerson). For wifi I bought a Broadcom 4311AG (HP Part 441075-002 @ € 41.89) - works out of box. A great thanks for all these brilliant people playing a part in it! Attached all necessary kexts, dsdt, as well as my com.apple.Boot.plist and smbios.plist and all the rest one needs for installing. The LegacyACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin.kext is adjusted for T7700, the sleepwatcher (rc.sleep/rc.wakeup) for AppleACPIThermal.kext in S/L/E. In the dsdt the fan is adjusted much lower than original to save battery. With original settings CPUtemp was mostly 28-33 C, now between 38-50 C. I use Coolbook to undervolt the cpu - my table of working voltages/frequencies for T7700 included. ....Dsdt might not be elegant but it seems to work. Hope this is of some use. Zip-file - see my next post below