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  1. Hello, I just installed Snow OS X, yay. But, it needs an external display. Is there any way to reverse this or switch it around? Thanks
  2. Snow OS X boot0 ?

    I am trying to boot into Snow OSX Uniflash 1.0 Snow Leo 10.6.2 , and when i try to boot into it it gives me this error: " boot0: done " Im not sure what that means? I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 with Intel Core Duo, Thanks
  3. Snow OS X Blank

    I know what you are saying, and I think this is the problem, but I don't have an external display. Do you think there is a way to disable the external graphics card output?
  4. Snow OS X Blank

    Oh, sorry. -I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 / 6400 -Intel Core Duo -120 Gb 5400 rpm Sata Hard Drive -1 Gb DDR2 SDRAM / 553 MHZ -256 Mb ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 Hyper memory -Im not sure the video driver to use or say, here is a link to the driver download page that i think has it, im just not sure of which one to pick out: http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/...IRONI6400/E1505 Thanks
  5. Snow OS X Blank

    Hello, I have snow OS X, and when boot off of the DVD into the installiation, it goes to a black/blank screen. I know it's working, because i can hit the enter key. When i hit the enter key, it is selecting the language, and i can hear the DVD loading the installiation. Please Help. Thanks.
  6. Does anyone have a Dell Inspiron e1505 boot CD, being the one at this post: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=182227 , please help. For some reason the boot CD will not download when you "Click here to download file". Thanks It's this file: http://uppit.com/v/P1PS0CLV
  7. Best way to install Snow Leopard on AMD

    Thanks a lot !!!
  8. Getting Snow Leopard to recognize your CPU

    Pretty good idea, thanks. Never thought of it that way.
  9. Show your computer running OS X

    I know, apple might collect "evidence" of the Hackint0sh
  10. That's awesome, i'm going to try it right now!
  11. This app is awesome!! I am trying to set it up myself right now