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  1. HP Mini 210 HD Series. OSX Compatible?

    yeah i bought one from the hp 1000. now if there is a way to get sleep and QE/CI.
  2. HP Mini 210 HD Series. OSX Compatible?

    see I have done the 10.6 and everything works except wifi. if I could get wifi working then I would be set
  3. HP Mini 210 HD Series. OSX Compatible?

    did you get the graphics to work in 10.5 like can you use your web cam ?
  4. HP Mini 210 HD Series. OSX Compatible?

    I saw this page about the graphics does this help anyone ? http://blog.thestevo.com/2009/09/x3000-and-x3500-for-snow-leopard.html I downgraded to 10.5.8 I have everything working except the graphics and web cam. I rather have snow leopard since the graphics work better in that system and I can use my web cam. but the main problem I have is getting wifi. the weird thing is the wifi works flawlessly in 10.5.x. I don't really care what system I use I just want everything to work
  5. NEED Help booting from HD on 10.6

    I just went on the Chameleon site and DL the netbook bootmaker 0.8.3 RC5 the latest one that said it worked on 10.6.2 and I re-did the usb boot drive with snow leopard on it. I then booted up with the usb drive and went into the installation for SL and selected netbook maker and install chameleon. it still will not boot up. ????? why do you think this is ?
  6. NEED Help booting from HD on 10.6

    I tried a few things I would install it from booting into the install usb drive and selecting netbook tools and install it there. Then I also followed the install's these guys did here. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=206397&st=0I have a loader on the HD when I turn the computer on I see the Chameleon loader . It was not a problem when I installed 10.5 on the computer, but if I put 10.6 on it does this.
  7. I have a hp mini 210-1010 I can install snowleopard on it but I can't boot from the HD I am only able to boot from the USB Install drive and then select my HD when I am in the boot loader and it starts up fine and I get to the desktop. If I try to start up from the internal HD it tells me Loading Darwin 10.6 loading kernel mach_kernel loaded hfs+ file: [mach_kernel] 4096 bytes from 10237430. loaded hfs+ file: [mach_kernel] 5575273 bytes from 10237430 Patching kernel mach_kernel and it just stays there and does not go on or load I am doing that in -v and have tried -s -x. How do I get my hard drive to boot up like the usb drive ?
  8. HP Mini 210 HD Series. OSX Compatible?

    what other fourms are there that i can find info on the mini 210. I wonder if I can even return this hp mini to office depot I only bought it a week ago but I do have the same windows 7 starter installed on it. I really just care about the mac os I need that to work more than the pc side
  9. HP Mini 210 HD Series. OSX Compatible?

    I just installed 10.5 and wifi works but no web cam or graphics yet
  10. HP Mini 210 HD Series. OSX Compatible?

    when I go to device manager it tells me I have a broadcom 802.11G is that something different than you ? I wonder if I should take this back and get a eee pc 1005h at best buy or the dell 1012 at sams club.
  11. HP Mini 210 HD Series. OSX Compatible?

    got eveything working but wifi I can't get the to enable
  12. HP Mini 210 HD Series. OSX Compatible?

    got thru everything and reboted and I got use forcewake=y to override now what do I do ?
  13. HP Mini 210 HD Series. OSX Compatible?

    I got this to install but when It was installing it was at like 11min and I walked away now I have a blank grey screen and it is taking long to load is it frozen or just loading I tryed to restart and used the usb HD to boot and selected the osx partition I installed on and I get the same grey screen what should I do ?
  14. snowosxuniflash

    I want to know the same thing I just got a HP mini 210 and want to dual boot but I don't have a windows 7 iso .
  15. HP Mini 210 HD Series. OSX Compatible?

    I just got a hp mini 210 -1010NR from office depot. I tryed to install snow leopard with the usb flash drive and when I booted up the mini I selected the usb drive and saw the loader for os x. It has a status bar that went backwards and then it was a blank grey screen. It stayed on the blank screen forever so I restarted and pushed enter when the loader was counting down and I got I like 4 drives to choose from . one being the snow leopard so I selected that one and I was stuck at the grey screen forever again. What am I doing wrong ? I am now making a usb HD for leopard 10.5 to see if that will work.