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  1. Anyone get this board working with Lion yet? And is there support for the 6950 now? Thanks
  2. How did you get it to work??? I have same system and it won't work, kernel panic on boot!
  3. Help me get this perfect!

    Insane Worked Perfectly thanks a lot! This is what I did I download this legacy kernel thing from here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=221599 and then I downloaded the maxxuspathergui and macosx10.6.4.cpuid.text from http://nawcom.com/osx86/cpuids/ drag the cpuid over the gui. Let it work and reboot. What it fixed: My iTunes Problems My Volume Control Problems and newly discovered iPhoto Problems so everything is perfect now Except for not fan control for my 5850, but can't really complain over that! Thanks a lot I now have a perfect hackintosh build on my rig!
  4. Can't upgrade to 10.6.4

    Did you already try booting into safe mode? -x
  5. Help me get this perfect!

    Thanks a lot! Ok going to try the cpu thing. Yes I already tried the modified voodoo kext and it didn't work, sound is all fuzzy and choppy and still no sound control. And yes the ApleeHDA doesn't work so I deleted it. Also in system information it doesn't detect any sound even though there is and it is working with voodoo, so maybe that is part of the problem. Thanks
  6. Help me get this perfect!

    Anyone????? Any ideas?
  7. I have snow leopard and windows 7, dual booted working on the system bellow. AMD x4 965 CII @3.4ghz 5850 xfx reference 4gb 1066mhz Dominator DDR2 TA790gx 128mb ALC888 audio Intel SSD 80g, partitioned, plus 1tb Samsumg F3 Secondary Ok almost everything is working, boots in 6sec everything is fast, no kernel panics, reboot shutdown, 5850 beta drivers. All working on 10.6.4 There is only two problems. The first is iTunes, itunes was at 8.x something, but when I checked for updates it wouldn't find a update for itunes so I deleted all the files for itunes I could find, and download the the latest 9.0.2, problem is that when I go to preferences or to sign in to my account, I just get a white box with nothing on it. Really strange I searched google but could not find anything similar. Also if I quit itunes, it instantly reopens. Second problems which is way more minor, is the sound. I have Voodoohda kext which is working great for my sound except for I can not control volume without going all the way into settings (mute works fine), and second when the system boots I have to switch to the green out port as it is my g35 headset by default, anyone know how to change it to green out as default? Besides that everything is perfect, ilife, office 2011. Everything just works, except itunes. Hope someone wiser than me can help me with this Thanks in advance
  8. Help, install leopard on my and system!

    ok so for the 5xxx kexts to work you need snow leopard. Correct? Also how do I set it so that the system will set the cpus and busratio at startup so that I don't have to at it every time?
  9. Help, install leopard on my and system!

    Success! I am posting this from osx, it worked. But I had to boot with -x cpus=4 busratio=20 now what kernels do I need and were do I get them? For my system
  10. Help, install leopard on my and system!

    Ok so I changed my sata to achi and then did -x -v CPUs=4 busratio=20 And it booted the disc! Now the only problem is that dis utility will not see my freshly formatted ssd drive. Any ideas? Oj I got it to detect the disk. I selected the options the best I could but I got a like no smoking sign when I tried booting, any yeas to what to select in theoptions when installing? Thanks
  11. Help, install leopard on my and system!

    Thanks that explains a lot! My system: X4 965 @ 3.6ghz ddr2 dominators 4gb @ 1066 Biostar ta790gx 128mb 5850 v1 stock cooler xfx Intel ssd Oh and my motherboard has a custom bios on it Thanks again
  12. Help, install leopard on my and system!

    Please can you guys at least just tell me how to get Leopard on my Pc. As I am very new to this. My Goal is to get Leopard, then update to Snow Leopard (if possible) and get my 5850 working the beta drivers that are floating around. ^ Is that the correct way to go about it? I really appreciate any help, so get osx on my rig with windows 7 dual boot.
  13. Can you guys please tell me what is causing this kernel panic, when I try boot up aitkos v7? My system is the one in my sig except I now have a 5850 and x4 965 Thanks
  14. So What do I need to do?

    Ok thanks man just what I wanted to know. Going to try to get on this getting the leopard disc is going to be the hardest part but I think I will be able to get it. I if run into any problems or have any problems I will pay here.
  15. So What do I need to do?

    Can anyone please help me with? all I need is to be pointed in the right direction T inhanks advance!