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    Two issues since upgrade

    i was just wondering if Blah101 ever figured this problem out. i've had the exact same problem for at least a couple of months now. i didn't even realize the problem extended into skype (i hardly ever use it), but it does indeed. most notably, no window pops up in facetime even though the blue lights on my logitech C910 do light up. the cam will work in photo booth. i tried installing the IOUSBFamily.kext file uploaded to this thread to both my E/E and S/L/E folders, but the problem persists. any help would be greatly appreciated. UPDATE: i installed the Legacy USB Support package from multibe@st, which replaces the IOUSBFamily kext and deleted the kext uploaded to this thread from the E/E folder, and now i can get facetime to work IF i launch photo booth immediately after facetime. so i've made some progress, but it still doesn't just work. any ideas? perhaps its the specific webcam (seems to be a common thread) or something to do with an older build (i'm using a GA-P55M-UD2 mobo)? again, any help would be appreciated.
  2. forgive me for my noob-ness and having a hard time keeping up with all this talk. i have the targus acb10us ver. 1, and have the problem where i can't get it to post with it plugged in; it just freezes up. it will work if i insert once SL begins loading. focusing on this specific problem, what is the hangup at the bios phase? this seems like a problem separate from a SL/hackintosh thing. is it something fundamentally off with the dongle hardware? i just don't get why this thing wouldn't be able to get past the freakin' bios. like locusofcontrol said a ways back, it seems like it thinks it's a bootable device. is there no way to disable this?