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  1. yehia Amer do you mind telling me how you got the video card working with full QE/CI? I have a booting hackintosh system updated to 10.6.3 with Legacy Kernel but my video is not working properly. I have a GT230M, Thanks in advance
  2. [GUIDE] HP DV7, Windows 7 and Snow Leopard

    Can someone please re-upload the boot CD and DV7 Kext, I get some kind of download limit error. Thanks in advanced.
  3. Ok, so I gave it a try on my DV7t-3000 but I went with a different mothod. I used the Empire EFI boot disk for i7s to install a real MAC OSX snow leopard upgrade DVD (The one you buy for $30). I was able to install snow leopard without a problem. Once inside OSX I browsed the Empire EFI CD and I installed myhack so I could get a self booting system, it didn't work but it did get my sound working. I next tried getting the video card to work but the drivers I tried didnt work for me. Do you mind sharing in detail how you got your video card to work using the Aitkos DVD so I can try is on my snow leopard install. In the hardware profiles it showed a 1.6 ghz CPU and under cores it was 4 so im assuming that snow leopard recognized all 4 cores