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  1. Thanks for such a quick response! I thought $29 is too cheap for a full install DVD I see you're among the "Gurus" here. Any help regarding installation pls!
  2. Thanks for your reply but you just told me what to do, not how to do that? I mean I know I have to install 10.6.5 or some earlier version and then upgrade. But I am currently running Windows 7 on Intel based generic pc and want to install Mac OS without ruining my current OS. It would be really helpful if you tell me about such a installation tutorial. Also can somebody tell me where to buy Mac OS 10.6.5? I checked Apple Store but I couldn't find the full installation package. All I found was a Combo pack which is an upgrade not a full install. Thanks
  3. I am not sure whether I am posting in the right section or not so pardon me if I am mistaken. I've been thinking to try MacOS since last year but never really understood the procedure. Try looking at this forum but its way too confusing for a totally newbie like me to choose where to start. So here I am, waiting for your help. System specs: Intel Mobo DG35EC Intel Processor Core 2 Duo 2.40Ghz E4600 2Gb DDRII WD 640 GB SATA HD MSI N260GTX PCIe Graphic Card (gone for replacement) Now I don't know which MacOS version should I go for or whats best for me as per my system specs and also the installation instructions for that version to make it dual boot with my currently running Windows 7. Is it necessary to wipe off all the data from the hard-drive or I can use some other partition as I left alone a 130gb partition for MacOS when installed my hard-drive. And yeah! Can I use a flash drive to install MacOS as my dvd drive is about to die anytime soon! I'll be really thankful if any of you guys help me out in this regard.
  4. Installation: Mac Snow Leopard 10.6.2

    @Beymen You meant to say I must have to install 10.5 first and then upgrade to 10.6?
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  6. Old computer repair commercial

  7. Installation: Mac Snow Leopard 10.6.2

    I got the same specs as Beymen except that I got DG35EC mboard.. looking for a installation tutorial to Dual boot Windows 7/Mac.
  8. Lucky all of you... I cant even figure out which way I should start... most of the installation tutorials I see are for Asus or other mboards.. and I am stuck with an Intel
  9. Is this guide only for the mentioned motherboards or works on other intel mboards as well? Like Intel DG35EC...