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  1. Here are my two cents. I am running ML with i5 3570K (HD4000) and Sapphire Radeon 6850. AirPlay ONLY works with my Apple TV (3rd gen.) if the HD4000 is enabled in BIOS and initialized as the primary gfx. BTW: when I was on Lion 10.7.4 I was using the software AirParrot. It does basically the same thing like Apples AirPlay (streaming of Desktop and sound to Apple TV). It costs 10$ and there is a free trial version. I used it to stream Plex to my TV since Apple TV 3 is still not jailbreakable. AirParrot uses the CPU to encode the stream, so there is no limitation regarding internal gpu. If you dont have the right cpu or you dont want to enable the intrnal gpu then try AirParrot.
  2. I have the Targus ACB10US USB Bluetooth dongle. It worked fine in SL, but I had some issues in Lion when connecting the USB dongle directly to my Hackintosh. However, when I connect it through a USB hub, it works like a charm. If you have one of those lying around, try it out!
  3. ATI 5770 Dual Display / HDMI setup

    I have the Gigabyte Silent Cell with the Nvidia 9800GT. Of course, it is a totally different card, but I and lots of other people have the same problem like you. However, dual screen output works in 10.6.0 and 10.6.1 without problems, that means DVI and HDMI in use simultaneously. Did you install SL from a 10.6.3 retail disk? You could try to install it with an old 10.6.0 retail disk and see if it works. If dualscreen capability is important to you, you could stick with 10.6.1 (or make a rollback when using 10.6.2 to the previous kext, at least for NVidia cards this method works). If there is a VGA port additional to DVI and HDMI on your card, you could try to hook up one monitor with VGA and the other (TV probably) via DVI (and using an HDMI adapter). In some instances, at least for me, this setup worked, even in 10.6.8. Unfortunatelely, at least in my case, it was not satisfying, because resolutions that were given using VGA were rather low.
  4. hackintosh installation failure

    Don't want to dig up old posts, but I might help you out if you still want to put that beautiful OS on your (probably) Windows infested PC. But first let me ask you: did you try to boot with an USB stick? I had the same problem like you had when I wanted to install SL and also Lion. Every bootloader that I put on a USB stick caused a KP. I then simply used a BootCD I found on the internet (from Kakewalk for RC4 and from someone else, can't remember who, for RC5) and voila, I could boot and install without a KP. If you still have your PC lying around and want to install OS X on it, just find a preconfigured BootCD with chameleon (minimum RC5 v760 for Lion). Good luck!
  5. I wantto report that I installed Lion GM on my Hackintosh using the guide from Maldon (sticky thread on osx installation forum). My Gigabyte Silent Cell 9800GT 1GB graphics card works with NVenabler. However the dualscreen blank issue with DVI/HDMI is still persistent. I ordered an active HDMI splitter, hope this way I can hook up my Monitor and TV to my hackintosh. Will report how that goes when it has arrived.
  6. Hi there, I successfully installed Lion to my Hackintosh and wanted to report. I'm using: Gigabyte EP45-UD3P (Rev. 1) Motherboard Intel Core 2 Duo Processor (2.93GHz) Gigabyte 9800GT 1GB Silent Cell Graphics Card 4GB DDR2 Ram I followed the instructions of MaLd0n. Although I have Cartri BIOS applied to my Hack (which means I theoretically don't need an DSDT), I used the DSDT.aml file provided by Kakewalk for my Motherboard to be on the safe side. Unfortunately, I had some problems when booting with the USB stick. After I applied the Chameleon RC5 bootloader to the stick, the system would hang at the Post screen. I overcame this obstacle by using the Chimera Bootloader from Tonymac that my 10.6.8 System was using and kept the USB stick Bootloader-free. Installation went fine, after 1. boot I had no graphics acceleration (graphicsenabler=yes), sound and LAN-network. From [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] I used Lnx2mac's RealtekRTL81xx driver for network; ALC8xxHDA, AppleHDA Rollback and HDAEnabler ALC885/889a for sound; and NVEnabler for graphics. Now all these things work like a charm (even digital output on the onboard soundcard which I use for Plex). Removed the DSDT file, boot time increased a little bit (as expected). System feels very snappy and fast. BTW: I use the Magic Trackpad with a Targus ACB10US Bluetooth dongle (Version 1, the long grey stick). I initially had problems with Bluetooth because it couldn't find the Trackpad. After doing some things like applying Vendor and Product IDs to the relating kexts, which didn't solve the problem, I mad a Rollback to 10.6.8 bluetooth kexts (AppleBuetoothMultitouch.kext, IOBluetoothFamily.kext and IOBluetoothHIDDriver.kext, kept the new Lion kexts on the desktop) with Kext Utility. After reboot the system was able to find the Trackpad and I could use it, but Finder kept on crashing. I then went back to the new Lion kexts and the crashing of Finder went away. Fortunately the Trackpad is still listed in Systems/Bluetooth and I can use it now. One last word: Sleep doesn't work right now, by pressing the Off switch on the computer, the System shuts down the monitor, but doesn't go into sleep. Of course, it wouldn't wake up either (tried both with and without DSDT)
  7. Hi there, I want to report some of my findings regarding the Gigabyte Geforce 9800GT Silent Cell (1GB) in a dual monitor setting in a vanilla Snow Leopard 10.6.6 install (Motherboard: EP45-UD3P Rev. 1). I post this topic as a reply to the Topic "10.6.3 nvidia Blank Screen Issue", because as a new user I am not allowed to post a reply there. I hope this post is helpful for someone. My goal was to build a Hackintosh that functions as a working station and a HTPC (Plex). I have the computer hooked up in the office room of my house to a 24" monitor (DVI Cable) and to a LG HDTV in the living room (15m long HDMI cable). Until 10.6.1 I was able to run this setup without problems, they started though with the update to 10.6.2. After Chameleon has loaded I stuck with a blank screen on DVI and a blue screen on HDMI. I tried every method known to man, like using different nvenablers, adding device-ids to the grafipchscs-kexts, modifying the DSDT, etc., etc. I also tried using the old drivers from 10.6.1 (NVDANV50Hal, NVDAResman, GL/CL Frameworks) with several recent updates of Snow Leopard, but it just wouldn't work. The only solution I was able to pull off that satisfies me is as follows: The 24" monitor is connected via VGA cable. I get no restrictions on the resolution, so I can drive my pc-monitor with full HD (1920x1080). The TV is connected via the DVI port (I use a DVI to HDMI adapter) and no problems with resolution there either. In Snow Leopard I can mirror both panels. For Sound I use a Toslink cable that is connected to the optical out of the motherboard and to the optical in of my Receiver. For the Snow Leopard installation I used [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] with Chameleon RC5 and the sound kext for alc889a. In com.apple.Boot.plist of the Extra folder I use Graphicsenabler=yes and I have full acceleration. I do not use a DSDT because I am using MacBios from Cartri (http:/tinyurl.com/cartribios). I came up with this setup just recently, because some strange behavior made me believe, that VGA is not working right: When I hook up the 24"monitor only via VGA, I cannot set to resolution to full HD. I just found out recently, that when VGA and DVI outs of the GFX are connected, that the resolution of VGA goes up to full hd.
  8. I want to share my experiences with USB Bluetooth dongles and an Apple Magic Mouse with you guys. I purchased the Magic Mouse and bought a noname USB dongle, and of course I ran into troubles (mouse wouldn't work after wakeup). After some googling, I decided to buy the Targus Bluetooth USB dongle, the older, grey and long one. The doongle works perfectly fine with the mouse. It also works when I put the computer into sleep-mode and wake it up pushing the power-button. Unfortunately I can't wakeup my hackintosh by using the mouse itself. But then I ran into another trouble: when booting up the hackintosh, it would just freeze at checking the ram and boot again on its own. I unplugged the Bluetooth dongle and the computer was able to boot-up again. I did some tests and found out, that if I unplug my Apple Aluminum keyboard and keep the Bluetooth dongle plugged, my computer would boot-up properly. So then I decided play with some BIOS-settings and I was successful: I DISABLED the following functions: - USB Mouse function; - USB Keyboard function; - USB Mass Storage function. These are to be found in the integrated peripherals section of your Gigabyte EP45-UD3P motherboard. These functions should enable support for legacy peripherals. The reason I had enabled them in the first place was because without enabling them I wasn't able to load the CD-bootloader from Kakewalk, respectively Chameleon (he has a Post in this forum) in order to get a vanilla install of Snow Leopard loading. Now everything works perfect. By the way: The Kakewalk-install is really dead-simple, just use exact the same BIOS settings that Adam proposed on Lifehacker. Integrated Sound, Sleep/Wakeup, QE/CI. I just can say: It just works ;-) Here is the setup of my Hackintosh: Motherboard: Gigabyte EP45-UD3P RAM: Patriot 4 GB Kit DDR2 800 MHz (2 x 2 GB Kit) (Model: PDC24G6400ELK) CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93 GHz Graphics: Gigabyte GeForce 9800 GT Silent Cell 1GB DDR3 (GV-N98TSL-1GI) DVD/Burner: LG GH22NS Power: BeQuiet! Straight Power E7 450 Watt Tower: Lian Li PC-A05NB Midi tower CPU-cooler: Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme Rev. C Heatsink