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  1. Installing OS X on an Advent Milano netbook

    Any ideas guys? Am really struggling here this was a christmas present so I want to make sure to do it right but still, if it breaks I think i could just about replace it so I'm willing please help me
  2. Installing OS X on an Advent Milano netbook

    That program I was talking about is called Kakewalk it looks great!
  3. Hi guys! Firstly, I think you should know that I'm not a programmer. I've never used code apart from the odd bit of command prompt when need be but apart from that I'm useless But I am willing to learn and I'm good at following instructions. I have an Advent Milano W7 netbook running Windows 7. It has: the Intel Atom N270 processor, 1024MB of DDR2 RAM, a 160GB HD, 802.11b/g wireless and an Intel Integrated graphics card. I really want to install OS X on it. Leopard or Snow Leopard would be great and I'll take what I can get, but I would prefer Snow Leopard if that was possible I've done a bit of research and found the Kalyway hack. It looks...doable Just, as with everything else associated with OSX86, the Advent Milano is not mentioned. It seems I'm the only person in the world with one! I saw on a post on this forum a program that could do the install itself! You just need the SL file (which I don't have :S) and the program and it looked like thats you done! But you guys are the experts and I don't want to go messing about with things without your guidance I'd also like to dual boot windows. As I've said, I have W7 running but my dream would be to dual boot Snow Leopard and XP And if a dual boot isn't possible I'll be fine with just OS X Can anybody help me? Do you need any more information or anything? Thank you!!!! :D
  4. WOW! There's a program for it now? Class Just wondering, does anybody know if this will work/has tried it on an Advent Milano netbook? It's the atom N270, 1024 DDR2 RAM, 160GB HD, Intel Integrated etc Thanks
  5. Search Engine error

    me too it doesn't work
  6. Hey! First of all, well done you guys! Nice work Secondly, I'm really sorry I'm crashing your post Just it won't let me make a new thread? Any ideas? :S It's just I have an Advent Milano W7 Netbook. And it seems I'm the only person on the planet with one- there's no os x info on it anywhere That's why I came here to you- the experts I was going to start a new thread asking for help on installing SL (or leopard- not too picky ) on my Advent Milano W7. It's running Windows 7 but I'm sick of it So if any of you geniuses here could help me with either of those things I would be SO appreciative PS. I'm using Google Chrome and I just totally failed at spelling 'appreciative'. There's a squiggly red line and a right click correction menu Cool