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  1. I have Mac OSX running and it boots up but i can't get online i have a Yukon card i wrote the model down some where and I can't get it working i have tried every Yukon kext i could find and nothing so i need a new PCI ethernet card i can use. Edit: its 10.5.8 running on a Gateway PC
  2. No internet Ideneb V1.5.1

    I couldn't find a kext from my card I was going to install them one at a time but i wasn't sure how to uninstall kexts i don't want them messing with each other.
  3. I grabbed an old but newer computer then i was working with from the garbage pile at my school and fixed it up and got Ideneb v1.5.1 to install. I am running OSX 10.5.7 I have a Pentium 4 Prescott 3.2GHz hyper threaded CPU. OSX sees it as a core single, I have 512 M of ram which i am going to upgrade at some point. I have tested a lot of stuff and everything works except the Ethernet port. I can't get it online. This is a stock Gateway e4300. when i was installing it I went to the hardware profiler and i think it said i was working with a marvel network card which had been integrated right into the mobo. I looked on the Ideneb CD and couldn't find it. I was going to just try installing random Kexts till i got one to work but how do i uninstall a kext if it doesn't work. Everything else on the board is Intel so i thought it would be a good place to start. Am i right to assume I can boot back into the install DVD and just install a kext not everything else.
  4. Mas OSx on P4 now with upgraded hardware

    I just tried downloading 10.4.10 and 10.5.1 both kalyway versions. both were corrupted my school blocks the download of the .torrent file but thats it. it is very hard to get a .torrent. I am downloading iAktos version v1 which should be done soon.
  5. I have A P4 with 2 GB of ram a 40Gb Sata Harddrive and an Nvidia P118 AGP DMS-59 video card with 128 MB of ram. I doubled the Harddrive made it sata instead of IDE, The ram is 4x what it was before and got a much better video card. I can't get Kalyway to install it loads a few drivers then restarts i can get iDeneb and Iaktos v7 to install but it freezes or gives me a kernal panic at start up. I thought id make a new thread because the hardware is much better and i didn't want people getting confused. any ideas?
  6. Mac on an old P4 PC

    I cant get the kalyway cd to go into the install screen. it just restarts the computer. Thanks for all your help by the way im pretty sure your right about the sse2 thing. I got iAKTOS v7 to give me an error atleast iDeneb would just freeze. Im going to try some more.
  7. Mac on an old P4 PC

    assuming that my CPU doesnt support that kernal what is a good kernal to go with? Im downloading iATKOS v2 right now would that work? I dont have windows installed nor do i have a copy. I have an Ubuntu live cd would i be able to check with that?
  8. Mac on an old P4 PC

    I am using Kernel 9.2 and the model according to Mac OSX os Macpro 2,1 Gundam you need to make 5 posts, then you can make your own thread, and you should never hijack someones thread.
  9. Mac on an old P4 PC

    Hey Gundam make your own thread. this is my thread Im not trying to be rude but, posting you have the same problem is one thing but now i feel like your trying to hijack my thread. I treid those commands and i just get a grey Apple screen.
  10. Mac on an old P4 PC

    I am trying to install Mac OSX on a an old Gateway mfatxpnt. It has a 2.8Ghz P4 cpu 512MB of ram and Im unsure of the Video Card its been reported as several different things. I think its a Nvidia MX200 128MB. What version do you think would be best for me. Someone on IRC i think excel was his name. anyway he said he got Kalyway 10.5.2 to work but i can't get past the loading screen its a black screen with white letters loading drivers or something. I got Ideneb to install but that freezes at a Grey Apple screen. I have tried all the different flags for both DVD's. is there someway to get the Kalyway DVD to install and boot? what Bios settings should i set.
  11. The Apple iPad is released

    its a waste of money
  12. Why Ubuntu

    No I love Ubuntu I have stuck with it for almost a year now can't wait for 10.04
  13. Favorite Window Manager

    I love gnome it is my favorite by far. I can't get KDE4 to work for me it seems broken.