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  1. any idea if the Radeon HD 4870 will be supported?
  2. OS X & Active Directory

    bump. any have any other ideas
  3. OS X & Active Directory

    heh company already tried that...caused more problems with 10.5.2
  4. OS X & Active Directory

    yes, but will the OS X know to run the pearl/bash script? if i replace the username.bat file with a pera/bash script in active directory woudl it work? if so any advice on how to write the script? IE... need user johndoe when he logs in to any mac machine that it maps cifs:\\DOMAIN;johndoe@SERVER\SharedFolder1 cifs:\\DOMAIN;johndoe@SERVER\SharedFolder2 or via smb either work.
  5. OS X & Active Directory

    thanks for the link, but i need it to be like when any user logs into a mac it automatically maps the network drive in there own AD profile. they are not mapped to the same drives. and for each user i woul dhave to write an apple script to run at login. that wont work. anyone else have any ideas. it is joined to the domain, and it does map the H:\ drive listed in active directory as the home directory.. i just need to do more than 1 network drive... so i know its got to feasible.
  6. OS X & Active Directory

    Ok so here is my situation. The company i work for has 1500+ Computers spread out around the country. The company is entirely windows based. The executives and sales reps are starting get the macs..and i have had the duty of supporting them as well as the windows machines, and making sure they work with our network. Active Directory will be referred to as AD from here on. In our AD, each users profile points to a H: drive, or the home drive. and also to a *.bat file that runs when the user logs into a windows machine. WIthin this *.bat file aka login script, are the network mappings for that user. On the mac it will allow the users with a windows network id (nt id) to login and it will actually map the home drive that is listed in their profile in AD. What i need now iswhen a user logs in on the mac with the network login, to automatically map the network drives listed in the *.bat file.. is there a way for me to do this? IF i have to replace the *bat file with an applescript i can do that as well. but i can't figure out how to make it do this. Any advice is appreciated.
  7. Panaramic Shots?

    i have the kodak z712 IS and it has a panaramic mode, it takes 3 pics, and stitches them together... it shows a part of the picture you took so you can line them up again and take another pic. repeat once more and then viola panaramic.
  8. Leo4All-10.5.2 Universal AMD/INTEL[SSE2/SSE3]

    thanks for letting me be a part of the beta test.. i love my macin..i mean hackintosh =)
  9. Leo4All

    i used ppfomatic underwindows and it patched evrything perfectly.
  10. Leo4All

    just wanted to say thank you eddie, i have it up and running, had to stick a cheap network card into get net access and use the appleazalia pckg for audio.. (no mic) i just tested World of Warcraft.. and i was averaging 75-100FPS on my 8800 GTS 640mb. i have the adi1888 soundccard.. really want the mic working.. then i'll quit using vista forever =)
  11. nForce 5 LAN in Leopard

    need the same
  12. Leo4All

    sharpy i have the same mobo as you yet my sound and Network (nforce) do not work.. any ideas?
  13. Leo4All

    after installing using mbr the system just continues to reboot itself.. any ideas? im reinstallin now but not sure what could be wrong.update... after reinstall im at the welcome screen
  14. keyboards

    I'm in charge of setting up macs for my company....and the 24in imac came in and that small thin keyboard with it. Once i started typing on it i cant type on anything else. 50.00 and it works great on my vista machine =).... and im a microsoft fanboy (converting to apple though heeh)
  15. Leo4All

    Hey, i'd like to get in on the universal install download if possible. my system specs are as followed ASUS M2n32-SLI Deluxe AMD x2 6000+ 4gb pc6400 300GB Sata (windows) 150GB Sata (for the os x) geforce 8800 GTS 640 mb video. Thanks for all the work you've put into this. I tried PM'in you but it said your inbox was full.