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  1. Success with Sony Vaio VGN-TZ13

    hi nick... thx mate will try the bios thingy later today................ have u got everything else working on the vaio?? eg audio... internet? cheers
  2. Success with Sony Vaio VGN-TZ13

    hi mate... thx for the reply... have searched the forums.... will continue on my search... but specs are sony vaio tz13 dual core 1.03ghz (only single core working in leopard) 1 gb memory intel GMA 950 video Realtek ALC262 High Definition Audio Codec
  3. Installed ToH rc 2 after i bit of searching thru the forum, but it is working fine so far...... have usb, bluetooth.... under the profiles it says i have Intel High Def audio but there is no volume control..... my problem now is the video..... stuck at 1024x768 is there anyway to change this to native 1366x768 since it has a nice widescreen,,, pls help....
  4. Hi all.. I managed to get 10.4.7 Server running on a 10.4.3 base........not sure if this makes my system 10.4.7????? but made me excited hahaha will try and run fusion on it, it stalled on my 10.4.3 got a hp nx9010.....still no sound but got ethernet, 1400x1050 display....
  5. iopccardbridge fail error

    hey... i am using the next best thing 10.4.3..............quite stable this iopccardbridge error is annoying.... tested JaS 10.4.6 on my girlfriends laptop and it bloody works arrgggg!!!! but 10.4.3 is fine i can use Parallel Desktop and have XP running so happy with what i have.. but if somebody can fix this iopccardbridge that would be awesome... have nx9010 no sound, no usb.. have 1400x1200
  6. network printer

    hi guys... i am struggling to setup my network printer.. the hp laserjet 1010 is connected to the a XP Laptop ( is there a guide on setting this up... pls
  7. Error IOPCCardBridge: star failed

    hi all.. Alex3305, i am trying to install from a patched 10.4.4/5 install disk and have tried JaS patched 10.4.6....... they both stop at iopccbridge: start fail can you give more insight on how you installed yours???!!!!!!!! plzzzzzzz so further update...not using 10.4.1 discovered i had the osx86update.tar seems to be a touch faster but still i would love to have 10.4.6!!!!! thx guys
  8. Error IOPCCardBridge: star failed

    hi guys.. i also have a nx9010......and this iopccardbridge error really making me angry.... have we had anymore luck with this problem???!!!!! no wonder when i tried the 10.4.4/5 dvd also had the same problem so for now will have settle for 10.4.1..... HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!! thx
  9. hi guys.. i have 10.4.1 installed on my laptop (compaq nx9010) runs well...... i have burnt the 10.4.4/5 onto dvd... it boots from the disk... see the darwin startup it loads a little while then freezes........................... i have looked into the files and there is a directory maxxus patch v1.0 and there are the amd files and others......... am i meant to patch this somehow???? there are no instructions on how to use these files... pls help.....
  10. hi all,., have burnt onto dvd via Alcohol...... i get the gray apple screen and then ntg else... no beachball ntg!!! 10.4.1 works fine on the laptop HP nx9010 pent 4 3g. 60gig hd
  11. HP Compaq nx9110

    oops its a nx9010 but also have ati mobility graphics osx86 gives me wide range of resolutions.
  12. HP Compaq nx9110

    hi mate, i also hv nx9110 i am able to startup in 1400x1050 and higher at startup type "Graphics Mode="1400x1050x32" wireless does not work but thru ethernet getting internet. sound not working also.......would love to get that fixed.
  13. hi all.. i still have no sound.... got this from dxdiag my internal sound card is Ali Sound Wave PCI \VEN_10B9DEV_5451SUBSYS_08501 think its AC97 compliant... pls help installed via deadmoo image.
  14. Generic DVD image or Deadmoo image?

    Hi all... I had no problems with the deadmoo image, installed it on my first go and had no problems. But one question, with my deadmoo image can i download the generic patcher to this image and make a bootable dvd from it.
  15. Installing programs

    thx whistler... sorry i dont understand your answer... for example: I launch MSN Messenger installer from the desktop, it installs everything automatically and does not give me any options on where to install the damn program...... i do not want it to install on my TIGER-X86 partition, i want it to install on my other partition!!!!! Please help gurus!!!!!!!! thx