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  1. Vista can run on FAT32

    True BUT NAK never really said much more beyond that and tried to say that EFI was completely removed from 5308 which it is not from what I've seen here. Besides at least here we are getting a bit more discussion so we might get a bit farther which already looks to be happening. Keep up the work.
  2. Who has an Intel iMac?

    Familiarity, software support, etc. OSX is nice but some of the things I do I just can't do on it (like play many of my favorite games).
  3. Who has an Intel iMac?

    I got a 17" one at the Apple Store a few weeks ago and even though I don't use it that often right now it seems to be doing ok. I mainly just use Front Row as eyecandy when playing music off my ipod in itunes (nothing local on the PC) so I haven't personally been able to corraborate on the video glitches some have had. I admit I'm planning on using windows as my primary OS once the EFI issue has been solved though.
  4. What the hell...ok I'm dumb or something. The EFI file setupldr.efi is in the IA64 folder yet somehow I missed it.
  5. Networkboot

    Yea I had thought about this myself. I'm not sure what needs to be local to the machine though. I was considering trying to get WinXP Terminal going but I was too lazy to set up the server.
  6. Yea thats what I was trying to say but you were more specific thanks. They killed the Itanium XP before it was released now that I think about it didn't they. I forget alot thanks to all the articles MS has about x64 Windows and the Itanium. Now....I need to get me a copy of 2003 IA64 so I can look at those efi files on it. Prolly won't do me a lick of good but its something to pass the time. Update: I grabbed the trail version of 2003 server for the Itanium and from what I can sell it seems to not have EFI support. Now thats not saying that the regular version or the OS itself doesn't support EFI but the needed files for booting the CD via EFI are not on the trial image MS provides from what I can tell. Figured I'd let everyone know before they started downloading to play with it.
  7. Actually I did try an x64 Windows CD so I already had a basis for what I said thanks. EFI support was only built into the x64 version of windows that would only run on the itaniums as they had their own x64 implementation. As for the cash prize I guess its best use is for spuring the community along. It may not end in someone getting the actual prize but it may help various peoiple put things together to end up with a mutual solution (aka someone creates a proper CSM and then another integrates it into the EFI and manages to get a boot solution or so on). Anyway I wasn't trying to be negative. I just don't think people appreciate someone posting the same info in a bunch of threads at the same time when 1 would have sufficed.
  8. Dude stop spamming all the threads with the x64 stuff. Its in the CPU but turned off from what I can tell (Just like HT was present but disabled on P4s early on). Its unlikely it can be enabled and besides x64 isn't even remotely the reason we can't boot. Oh and no getting Vista to boot will not be winning any prizes.
  9. Yea I personally messed with the TianoCore EFI files. There is a working Shell and EFIs but the legacyboot EFI is looking for a BIOS module which isn't included so it errors out saying it can't find one. The compiled binaries for x86 are under Other>Maintained>Application>Shell>Bin>ia32 in the extracted archive.
  10. Gateway used Insyde's InsydeH2O EFI setup which afaik includes all the needed drivers and the CSM and/or BIOS module needed for XP to think its on a normal PC. Unfortunately I do not know of a way to get ahold of InsydeH2O or what EFI Spec they used (if they used 1.10 then in theory the drivers and BIOS/CSM EFIs should be compatible.)
  11. EDITED BY SPORTMAN smartin please no posts in here about technical help, this is a marketplace the other parts of the forum are for technical questions. -- thanks sportman