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  1. Asus Rampage II Gene Hackintosh

    HEy Guys (Sennen) Just need a little help - Sennen - I see you have a 9600 card - when you first installed OSX on your clean HD - Did you get a black screen right after OSX asked you to select your language setup - IF NOT --what installer did you use? -Only luck I have had is with MyHack installer. The GTX 260 gives me a black screen right after OSX ask for my language selection. all I need to know is if the 9800 gt will not go black on me and I can continue my install. M
  2. Asus Rampage II Gene Hackintosh

    Jonshu300 I could use your help -I see you have the Asus rampage gene II -as I do -and I see you downgraded from a GTX 260 to 8800 or 8600 -Can I ask why - I am having trouble using MyHack installer seeing the Nvidia 260 card when I have to do a total reinstall. Its not recognizing the card -It will see my ATI card fine but I dont want the ATI card. Did this happen to you too --is that why you downgraded? Jonshu3000 by the way -I can run 10.6.4 on my set up as well - I don't though -cause Im having issues with some After Effects plugins and I think 10.6.2 is going to be the best for me -10.6.3 seems to work fine too M
  3. Asus Rampage II Gene Hackintosh

    Well I wish I knew how to fix my firewire with DSDT --Ive tried to under stand -but I am not the veteran hacker type. -Ive tried to use DSDT LE App -but I dont know what Im doing--Im not even sure how to use Terminal that well -I got my board working with MyHAck and [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] --thats the only thing that would work -- I have a PCI firewire card -and when I bought that -I had 10.6.3 on the machine and I plugged it in and it worked . My system got a glich and I reformat and now the FW card doesnt work. I only have 1 PCI slot as well -so I cant move it Oh well -thats why I wanna sell it ha ha Any pointers you can give me -that would be great. BTW Polish Does it matter what the OS recognizes your system as --Muitibeast sees mine as an IMAC i7 on 10.6.3 on 10.6.2 it says Intel Core Duo 2
  4. Asus Rampage II Gene Hackintosh

    Polishboy** Hey what did you do to fix your system-My works but I cant get Firewire to work -Not even wit a PCI Firewire card. Had it before but not now -10.6.2 OS BTW -I see your board has Bios 1307 on it --mine only has 9.0.4 - is it worth updating my board-will everything install OK again ?? M
  5. FormallyKnowAS--- yeah its a retail install -Of Snow Leopard does that boot132 work with SL? just curious If my GTX 260 is like this with this board --will all Nvidia cards be this way if I decide to switch cards?
  6. Asus Rampage II Gene Hackintosh

    Hey All Well my 2 cents -This board is a pain in the ass. I have my system working but on board Firewire doesnt work. The only installer I have had any luck with is MyHack and then using [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]. --With MyHack install -it wont recognize the EVGA GTX 260 core 216 896mg card I have in it -so everytime I reformat -I have to use the ATI Card I have -Sapphire Vaper 4890 2gb-FCP and Adobe dont like this card though-will probally work great under windows. Updates to 10.6.2 are fine. -10.6.3 was fine -until I lost firewire on my PCI card I put in -Now I cant get it back and reverted to 10.6.2 Also -Sata on board works on 10.6.2 but lose it on 10.6.3. Anybody wanna buy my system? Asus Rampage Gene II board (9.04) EVGA GTX 260 core 216 896mb (ATI Card -Sapphire Vaper 4890 2gb (this is a backup card) 12gb Ram (G-Skill) i7 930 Processor 1TB Hard Drive Firewire card -4 ports- ( can hook to front panel put havent yet) 750 Watt Thermaltake Power 3 fans All Housed In a CUSTOM Modded MAC PRO Case Brand New case. Not used-Straight from Apple. Again anyone wanna buy it? Send offers -Have pics if you want
  7. hey --yes it is the core 216 I have tried everything --and MyHack is the only one that will work with my board -Asus Rampage Gene II - I tried [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and NO go. but everytime i put in the ATI card I can install everything. I just dont want to use the ATI card matt
  8. Hey All I have a EVGA GTX 260 video card and I'm pretty sure I know what is going on but I dont know how to fix it. If I have to do a fresh install of OSX or a restore from time machine- When I reformat my hard drive and I have the GTX 260 in the slot -once the install screen starts to come up- the screen goes black. Now I have a ATI 4890 card that I have to put in there so I can install see the screen and install OSX - I would leave the ATI card in but I have a ASUS Rampage Gene II board and they dont like each other. The GTX card plays better with Adobe products and FCP. Once I get OSX restored -I can put the GTX 260 back in and everything is fine. I was thinking of changing to a 9800 GT card because I need to free up some space in my case and want to go to a single slot card. If I change to a 9800 GT card -will it make the screen go black if I have to reinstall again? Is it just the 260 or all NVidia cards do this. Any fixes Matt
  9. JAS man thanks for working on this --I have the 4890 sapphire card and I want to get it working but I DONT know how to place the boot file - Can you give me some pointers. Plus -I am getting a -VRAM (negative) issue with this card--any thoughts? Matt
  10. Antique Hackintosh

    Hey Dgsga did you get my email about the Asus Rampage Gene II board -I had a few questions and was wondering if you could help thanks so much Matt
  11. Hey Dave I have just about the same set up as you --Same board -i7 930 processor and a 4890 2gb Ati card - I got my board up and running but -same as you --after many trial and errors - the only Booter I was able to use was myhack's installer after using an external hard drive as the boot disc. Drove me nuts. I have found that someone got it working with a DSDT file but I have no clue how to set that up-Still learning how to mod those along with kext- myhack put the extra folder on my drive like some are saying -not sure what extensions.mkext does yet and I have read something about a smbios.plist file that Im not sure how to mod either just yet. I did find a folder that has a ton of kext files and a kext loader that worked as well -and I ran netkas PC EFI 10.6 and that worked. Everything is running fine --not sure if its running at full potential because I cant load Final Cut Pro because of negative VRAM error its giving me. and My system profiler is displaying all the wrong info - I want to overclock this bad boy but still trying to figure that out too. I might be able to help you if you have any idea on the system profiler or the -VRAM issue. Im still a noob but Ive been reading alot ha ha Matt
  12. Asus Rampage II Gene Hackintosh

    Hi All I have this board and I have tried everything at this point -I cant get the board to see the boot file. ANd I dont know how to mod the DSDT file. I just built the system -so everything is fresh. I have a MAC Book pro -I can use to do whatever Mods I need to do. I have read and read and tried to follow the instructions but I just cant get it to boot. I dont have a thumb drive big enough to work so I have been using a usb portable drive to try and boot. I also have an external cd/dvd rom drive I can use. Please help Matt