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  1. Chameleon crashed MBR

    Hi coosee, I M thinking of doing the way u did to separate each OSes individually to diff HDDs too. But when u install chameleon to each hdd, did u unplug the others?
  2. ha... i need this answer too, coz really scare that by installing the chameleon will spoil my current boot i got my graphics card works now, after transfering all ATI kexts into Lion harddrive by the help of kext helper. Hehe! What is the highlight of lion? it seems to b so similar to Snow. And the launchpad is a replacement of dashboard?
  3. OSX 10.7 Lion on P5Q Pro Turbo

    mine is P5Q PRO, using MaLd0n's method too, it works but mayb need a little bit of tweak with different graphic cards
  4. MaLd0n, the legacy4800controller + graphicsenabler dint work, it stopped at the same page so i tried copying all ATI kexts from Snow to Lion's extra, and yes it finally works! Thanks! finished with the install and i boot into lion, the resolution is only 1024x768 and there isnt any other options @ display setting.. erm... mayb i shud try graphicsenabler again... it is really a good guide! by the way, if i install chamelon to lion now, will it affect the boot loader of other OS? i hv 2 other HD containing win7 and Snow respectively.
  5. MaLd0n, thanks for this guide and the advice, but i still stuck at the same screen... tried -v -f -x, same screen appear and only mouse pointer was seen tried -v -f USBBusFix=Yes, same as above argh! so close yet so far! anyway, after finished with the verbose booting page and before entering the screen i mentioned, there was 1 sec of distorted + dotted snow screen of nothing. Should it b graphics prob?
  6. same as roby777 i encountered this issue when trying to install Lion DP4, and the USBBusFix=Yes fixed it and it carried on booting but... this screen comes after the boot and i wait for like 10min yet it still does not response. Have tried redo restoring the USB and it is still the same. can anybody help me?? i m using P5Q PRO and XFX 4870 1GB... Thanks...
  7. i met this before, wat i did was just change another version of bootcd... now my version of bootcd works very good, can boot directly into snow or win 7 but when i install easybcd, it gives me appleintelcpupower kp... replace nullcpupower but in vain...
  8. my installation method: janvier 2010 bootcd + usb install boot using bootcd, select my installation usb when chameleon showed up, the boot up stopped at "mac framework successfully initialized" to get pass this, i have to boot into windows 7 first, then restart (no shutdown, just restart), then i can pass "mac framework successfully initialized" and reach SL installation page. any1 knows why so? this is frustrating as even after i hv completed the installation, i will have to boot twice to get into SL else everytime stuck at mac framework..... or any1 can recommend me another bootcd that will work for P5Q pro? there r several other bootcd links i can find in this forum but all broken.... my system: P5Q PRO (tried original 2002 and smith modded 2102, both same stuck at same place) XFX ATI 4870
  9. Wat is the difference between non modded and modded bios. I m using p5q pro 2002 bios. What is the change if I flash it with juzzi 2102?
  10. hi robert I used partedmagic, found Tat the boot flag was at 200mb partition I proceed to set boot flag to win 7, but it stated boot manager was not found when boot then I tried to reverse it back, but Noe it doesn't boot at all, all partitions r not booting... Partedmagic has shown the 200mb and win 7 area was GPT partition, I think it was due to the mess I created during installation of SL sad to say I m doing reinstall of win 7 now, if it is not working I will hv to format the drive back to mbr I stead of GPT.
  11. hi thanks for the reply, I will try Tat later. can I add boot flag to win 7 instead of xp n SL?as I m more of a win user. can I add SL in the boot list using easybcd so Tat they will dual boot? (sorry abt my noob question coz I met more dual boot issues than installation)
  12. Hi all i have some problems while dual booting windows 7 n SL I have 2 Sata HDD: HDD1: partition 1 is 200mb of EFI (I dun quite know y it was there and for wat) partition 2 is windows 7 partition 3 is SL partition 4 is NTFS for storage HDD2: partition 1 is windows XP partition 2 is NTFS for storage installation history: 1. windows XP was installed long ago 2. used Juzzi to create boot CD to install SL, everthing worked just fine including dual boot with XP 3. installed windows 7 problems now are: 1. I can't boot with HDD, whether by SL or 7. Tried fixing boot manager using 7 installation Dvd, but in vain 2. I can only boot juzzi boot CD, it comes up with options of windows XP n 7, select xp's boot manager, then select win 7 in orde to go into windows system question is: I plan to reinstall SL, but how do I retain win7 while removing all others partitions including the 200mb partition? ( coz I m afraid if I remove xp I will nvr boot into 7 again) My system: P5q pro q8400 XFX radeon 4870 thanks for the time 3. SL KP at
  13. Hi i m looking for the kext for this USB adaptor too. My version is 10.6, had tried kext version 1 posted, but no luck, the USB Dint light up and no device found. I will try the version of feb n mar, hopefully it will work. But just in case, wat is the best kext for 10.6 and 10.6.2? Cos I will be doing update soon. Thanks! edit:: just tried installing WUSB54GC Versions 2-3, it works! install using kext helper b7, fire up wirelessutility, scan and will see the usb working!! dint even have to reboot, ha! thanks warstrong!!
  14. Dual boot win7 and SL 10.6.2

    I also suffered from booting issue I used bootcd c2rc4 installed retailed SL 10.6, i can run it perfectly. But when I install bootloader, also an c2rc4, SL wont start!! It stops at the loading screen. But can boot into my winxp I changed to pc efi 10.5, and tried c2rc3, it happened the same. My configuration: p5q pro, ati radeon4870 1g, core 2 quad q8400 can anyone help? Thanks in advance!!!