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  1. No Sound - HP Pavillion ZV5240US

    This issue has been resolved. Silly me, it was just an ALC'97!
  2. ATI SB400 AC97 Repost Request

    Thanks, I even made a thread about this. My audio works now with the kext on the first page.
  3. Mac OS X Version: 10.5.8 Hellow. I have a difficult problem with my sound. First off, it doesn't even see the sound card in system profiler. I don't know if that's normal when it comes to these cases, but, I just have to mention. VoodooHDA doesn't work, nor does the Azalia package. I know extremely little about the sound card in question, as I don't know how to find out. The internet says nothing specific about it other than it being soundblaster 16bit pro compatible, and I do not have Windows installed (but when I did, the sound worked flawlessly). I know that it's on IRQ5 (probably meaningless) but hey it's something. I suspect the card is a SoundMAX but, again, I don't know how to find out the specific model on a mac. Like I said, system profiler says under Built-in Audio, "No built-in audio". This thing has sterio speakers, and it says I have no audio... I've tried MANY kexts and none of them work. I'd absolutely love if someone can help me get my on-board sound working so I don't have to buy a USB sound card. (note: everything else works. network, wireless, only the audio is broken.) Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz ATi Mobility Radeon 9000 IGP 60 GB HD 1 GB DDR RAM Battery is removed.
  4. Have you tried using the Software Update function from the Apple logo on the "start bar" at the top of the screen?
  5. Not that I have a Realtek HD, but I am having sound issues on iatkops v7 10.5.7 as well. All I know about my sound card is that it's 16-bit sound blaster pro compatible .. w.. with harmon kardon speakers... incase your asking this is a HP zv5240us. Also, the OS doesn't even detect a sound card.
  6. Update: I resolved this issue with booting back from my initial install DVD (iatkos v7) and basically installing any SATA/IDE drivers/controllers available on the DVD. I suggest you do the same.
  7. Though I don't have much to say, did you try -v, -x, -s, or -f? Otherwise, I am interested in the results of this thread as the BIOS of my laptop doesn't have any options for everything that is required for BIOS setup on a hackintosh....
  8. I had this error on my HP Pavillion ZV540us. The solution was to use an external DVD drive, however, I ran into another error and thus was required to use iatkos, which still didn't work, but, for all purposes, I'm sure if you have an external dvd drive, that should work.