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  1. Hi, I experienced the same audio problem in 64bits mode. After a long search, I finaly gave up...
  2. Hi, it should be working. I also have a P4. Use nawcom's wonderfull CD and follow the tutorial. You can use IATKO S3 as well, it works too. Good luck
  3. For the audio, be sure to be in 32 bits mode and use the kext from Cerastez. I tried others to get it working in 64bits, there is no way. Try to install several times. It has to work! For the video be sure to use latest chameleon release. It sometimes solves the problem. I used Kext wizard and chameleon wizard. But my video card is a HD5450....so look around!
  4. Ok solved. Just need to repair permissions on the volume using diskutility. That was so simple...
  5. I tried several kernels and updates, the thing is terrible, can't solve this "connection" problem. It works in 10.6.3 and 10.6.5 but not in 10.6.4, 10.6.6, 10.6.7 and of course 10.6.8. It doesn't seem to be a kernel problem...
  6. Thanks to you and all the information I found here, I could install SL 10.6.8 on my optiplex GX620 P4 with a new ATI5450 to get dual screen. Everything is very fast and stable but I still have a minor issue. From the moment I update the system with the 10.6.8_combo_update, I couldn't access anymore my windows computer on the network. I see them in the finder but can't connect. I can't share properly my printer as well. I could do it in 10.6.3. I tested twice. I guess it has to do with some incompatible kext, but wich one? Any idea?
  7. sbaby3

    ATI Mobility HD 2400 XT "94c8"

    It works! 1440x900 ! Thanks again! TOSHIBA P200 1G7 : IATKOS S3 dual boot with 7
  8. sbaby3

    ATI Mobility HD 2400 XT "94c8"

    Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work for me though I have the 94C9. I followed your instructions and still have 1024x768. My laptop screen size is 900x1440. Could it be the problem?
  9. sbaby3

    ATI Mobility HD 2400 XT "94c8"

    I don't believe it, I've been waiting for this for 2 years...Can't test it right now, but I will soon Thanx in advance