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  1. Airport - PCIe Half Mini

    Is 10.13 unsupported at the moment? I've put BrcmPatchRAM2.kext and BrcmFirmwareData.kext into clover/kexts and the result is boot-up takes a lot longer (like 5 minutes) and keyboard and mouse do not respond (but it does communicate over the network) Edit: Got it I think by using the "injection" method. As mfnesq says the mixed messages are very confusing! Really appreciate the work it's just that the communication being so curt can be a little tricky to follow. I had to download one of the binaries from 2015 to get my hands on the elusive BrcmBluetoothInjector.kext and combined this with a current BrcmNonPatchRAM2.kext and BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext (show contents, find info.plist, change IOProviderClass from disabled_IOResources to IOResources) and bluetooth has now appeared... EDIT 2: My situation is obviously different. I had vt-d enabled in the bios after a reset one time -- disabling this stopped the issue where BrcmPatchRAM2 went into some kind of infinite wait loop. Bluetooth is working for me now and did not need the old injector method. Handoff took some doing but it turned out that the DSDT I created in the 10.10 days was faulty - there was a FakeID for the combo card somehow implemented in there that worked for 10.10 but caused problems in 10.13. Removing it but having FakePCIID and FakePCIID-BroadcomWifi in S/L/E finally gave me Handoff = Yes.
  2. El Capitan 10.11.2

    Got it! I had to modernise my config a bit: Replaced OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi with OsxAptioFix2Drv-64.efi (previously only the version without the 2 would allow my system to boot, now I need the 2 version to use any CsrActiveConfig other than 0x67 otherwise I get some kind of memory reallocation error) Removed rootless=0 (redundant if using CsrActiveConfig, apparently) Now 0x07 boots up fine and indeed, XtraFinder opens without any errors. Yay! Booting is a bit hit and miss with aptio2 (sometimes straight to kernel panic, sometimes gets stuck at end of progress bar, sometimes boots), but guess I will live with that. Edit: having said that I think I just hosed my installation. Thought I'd try removing osxaptiofix altogether, it didn't work, and now it won't boot off my rescue USB either.
  3. El Capitan 10.11.2

    Came here in search of answers re: Xtrafinder! With rootless=0, CsrActiveConfig=0x67 and BooterConfig=0x28, csrutil does say that SIP is disabled but Xtrafinder pops up a nag saying that SIP is enabled. I have tried changing CsrActiveConfig to 0x03, 0x07, 0x14 and 0x1F based on numerous Google searches - but any of those options cause a freeze at the apple logo (eventually switching to a circle-cross of death). Any other ideas?
  4. Clover General discussion

    How do we default to the last booted volume now? I like to use Clover as my main boot manager and it'd be useful to boot straight to Windows upon reboot, for example, if I'm currently using my PC as a Windows machine. It used to be that you added LastBootedVolume to the DefaultVolume setting, but this no longer works. I can't find it now but there was some changelog saying it was removed in favour of the nvram setting via the startup disk panel. Well I tried setting a default there but that doesn't work either... but either way I'd rather it just remembered what I last selected at the boot screen!
  5. Airport - PCIe Half Mini

    EDIT: RESOLVED I had duplicate entries for my machine in "text message forwarding" and had to do the song and dance where you change your iCloud password and reactivate everything to get rid of them. This had the effect of getting Handoff to work properly too. Post left below for reference. Well, AirDrop still doesn't really work but given how unreliable it is even on my legit Mac I don't think that's a Hack issue. Also Handoff still doesn't always work either - like all of Apple's wireless and cloud based stuff it's kind of "when it feels like it, it might work". But I've now seen my Hac browser appear on the iPhone so I know it's technically ok. Anyone find that Handoff only works one way? I'm on the El Cap GM and have followed the instructions etc. for my card (BCM94352) and even cloned by Mac Mini serials (I don't use it for that) so I can get iMessage going. Text message forwarding works Call forwarding works 5GHz wifi works Handoff from iPhone to Hackintosh works Wifi menu shows instant hotspot on iPhone but Handoff from Hackintosh to iPhone does not work AirDrop does not work (says it's supported, but nothing appears) Bluetooth in profiler says handoff supported, bluetooth LE supported etc. Wi-Fi says airdrop supported and is seen as an Airport Extreme. Anyone know typically why this happens... it's very strange that Handoff works one way but not the other! Edit: AirDrop sort of works occasionally after all. I briefly saw a device appear on it. Might just be AirDrop being buggy. Handoff is still one-way though
  6. AppleHDA for El Capitan discussion

    ALC892 working nicely here with Toleda's audio_cloverALC-110_v1.0c.command except for the infamous "lose audio after sleep" issue, in other words "Me Too". I have tried CodecCommander at default settings (which worked in Yosemite) and with EAPD reset enabled, no luck. One observation - without CodecCommander after sleep you can just about hear a quiet popping sound when you're adjusting volume (with "play feedback when adjusting volume" enabled in system prefs), it's always been like that even in Yosemite. But after sleep and wake with CodecCommander running, it's completely silent. Don't know if that indicates anything. EAPDFix.kext (at least the one I could find) causes a kernel panic boot loop for me, and I have to boot in safe mode and remove it.
  7. I see, in any case I'm not hugely fond of rolling back to an old ACPI kext from 10.6 and making the about screen do odd things, but thanks for the suggestion anyway Got the wake issue sorted in the end - I just deleted ALL of the _PRW methods in my DSDT, not just the USB ones but every last one, so that nothing can wake it up except the power button (which is how I like it, along with darkwake=0. Sleep should mean sleep, not 'lightly snooze with one eye open like a small cuboid dragon'.) Even turning the monitor on and off was causing wakes, so thought I might as well - I'm guessing although _PRW was off on the USB interfaces, it was still being triggered elsewhere up the tree from USB. Still no power button off, but it's a minor perfectionism thing - I can live with cmd-opt-eject.
  8. No good for me in the end as rolling back to this version prevents the serial number from displaying, so can't log into iCloud etc. I've spent many hours trying various combinations of DSDT edits (PWRB hid to cid etc), and think I will have to conclude that it's just not possible to get everything working properly on this board.
  9. I'm determined to document this so I'll get there properly eventually! It looks like the new things you need, along with the cloned MLB and ROM for a legit Mac (possibly only for iMessage and Facetime, but I get the impression it's needed for app Handoff as of 10.10.2, correct me if I'm wrong on that): - An sm-uuid in the SMBIOS section (type uuidgen from the terminal to generate one) - A board serial number (take your serial number, add 5 alphanumeric characters on the end, total 17 characters) Along with all the things it tells you if you grab the Continuity Activation Tool and run the diagnostics. If you have any errors or warnings (except for one where I think it said it didn't detect the wifi at all but listed all the checks ok underneath it - maybe a bug in the tool) then it won't work. I gave up trying to fix them in some unbreakable way like Clover injections, and just let the tool do the kext patches instead. The other things I had to do to nudge it were: - Remove iCloud from the Hack and sign back in agan - Log into iMessage and Facetime - On the iPhone, go into Settings - Messages - Text message forwarding - activate the Hack from there Once I'd entered the text forwarding security code, it seemed to whitelist something somewhere and start working with app handoff.
  10. Resolved, eventually, with the help of the reddit thread and the continuity tool. I was avoiding using the tool, hoping to do everything through Clover and DSDT hacks but alas.. I'm clueless! I was following things like toleda's numbered guides (which though I'm grateful he puts them out, always make my brain hurt as I'm never sure which numbers are "do this OR this depending on what you have / how you'd like to do it" and which numbers are "do these things in sequence")
  11. Awesome, it even fixed the issue of the machine waking up if you so much as sneeze near the mouse (I've been injecting clock-id to USB to try and stop it waking the PC, and having no luck, which seems to be a general pattern of my efforts at the moment) Thanks! Where did you get it, or if you wrote it, what did you do? Just thinking if it's a simple patch it can probably be done through Clover so that it survives OS updates.. Edit: Also seems to nuke the serial number in "About this Mac" for some reason.
  12. Thought I was onto something there! http://www.reddit.com/r/hackintosh/comments/2u1a6a/clover_10102_lost_handoff_support/co6026g But still not working after adding an smUUID and board serial number that were indeed missing. I guess they're finally clamping down on Hackintoshes - suppose it was only really a matter of time. The writing's on the wall with how they're being about iMessage with tightening security week after week, it was inevitable they'd do the same with iCloud and anything else that broadcasts outward. 10.10.2 is tight as a duck's bottom. Depressing thought, but perhaps time to start thinking about keeping PCs Windows/Linux based. It's a pity they won't let it slide for some license fee.
  13. Lots of patching later and thanks to that new Clover patch, Handoff capability is there in system profiler (Bluetooth) and enabled in general settings! Yay! ...... But wait, it doesn't actually work AirDrop works. My real Apple devices work with handoff ok (showing what is open in safari on the other device). Even iMessage works (except for sms forwarding) as I don't use it on my Mac Mini so I cloned the MLB and ROM from that. But handoff? Nada. Nothing happens. It's a BCM94352 Any thoughts?
  14. I'm using Clover and my config.plist is attached. I've tried the APIC option that the Clover docs said to try if your power button is unresponsive, and that didn't help. It works for waking the machine up out of sleep, it's just that it doesn't do anything for putting the machine to sleep as I'd expect it to. When it's on, I can press the power button all I like, it does absolutely nothing. pmset -g has this to say: Active Profiles: AC Power -1* Currently in use: hibernatemode 0 womp 0 networkoversleep 0 sleep 0 (sleep prevented by AddressBookSour) Sleep On Power Button 1 ttyskeepawake 1 hibernatefile /var/vm/sleepimage disksleep 10 displaysleep 15 It does however sleep via the menu, despite what it says about sleep being prevented by Address Book (no idea what that's about). Any ideas appreciated!
  15. Permanently Banned From Tonymacx86

    Indeed.. well they'll figure things out soon enough anyway, either that or someone else there than buy a Z97 and be a guinea pig Welp, it was inevitable, here's my badge of honour: Hey there, stalky tonymac mod! Congratulations, you're a total {censored} c: Enjoy banning all your users! (Hehe... there's a certain irony to being called arrogant by their mod.) One thing I never really thought of was that I might have had some old posts there that I was going back to for my own reference purposes, but pretty sure I had things backed up to my private wiki by now. (All of my posts have been deleted and my existence there erased from history, of course - going the full mile with his delete button makes that silly little nerd hiding even his virtual identity, feel like a big man.)