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  1. I have pretty much everything figured out except one little thing...... Is there a key combination on a PC keyboard that is the equivalent of the "power" key on a mac keyboard? This would be VERY VERY useful since my KVM requires I press "scroll lock" twice and apparently the power key on a mac keyboard is the same as a scroll lock key on a PC keyboard. Ay ideas?
  2. overclockedpc

    Question on installing kexts from windows

    Thank you so much! I'll report back in a little bit and let you all know how things worked out.
  3. overclockedpc

    Question on installing kexts from windows

    Uploaded the zip and after showing the extension is still doesn't appear as a .kext What's irritating is that it does load the OSX dvd and install just fine (while recognizing the drive) and on reboot it can't find the root drive. On the latest attempt to boot the OSX dvd however, it keeps giving me a "SAM Multimedia: READ or WRITE failed, etc, etc".....did my dvd just mess up? AppleATIATA_7.zip
  4. overclockedpc

    Question on installing kexts from windows

    That''s why I'm confused....there is no .kext in the zip.
  5. overclockedpc

    Question on installing kexts from windows

    So the actual folder inside the zip is the kext? Does it need to be renamed or does it become a kext as soon as I try to load it within OSX?
  6. overclockedpc

    Question on installing kexts from windows

    In windows, it use has the name.zip....not the name.kext.zip that I'm used to....The kext in question is the ATI ATA kext by the way.
  7. overclockedpc

    Question on installing kexts from windows

    Well then I guess I can do it from the OSX installer terminal.....question is, I downloaded the kext but it's zipped with two different folders in them (neither is a .kext) Do I rename the actual zip to .kext and use that?
  8. overclockedpc

    ATI ATA Controller (PATA/SATA)

    I know I'm bringing it back from the dead, but I'm in the same boat with a "waiting for root device" error on boot.
  9. I have the infamous "still waiting for root device" error on a recent SnowLeo install and I have found a kext that SHOULD solve that problem. My questions are: Can I install the kext from Windows? Where would the files be placed? Do permissions need to be modified? AND how do I get OSX to use that kext on the next boot? EDIT: I do have Macdrive so I can access the OSX partition through Windows.
  10. overclockedpc

    Broadcom 4315

    Did you ever get a fix for this? I have the same netbook and the same problem...
  11. overclockedpc

    New Hardware, new problems

    Wish I had some answers, but I don't. I'm trying to get the SATA controller working with my nForce 570. I believe it should be the same controller for all the 500 series chipsets, but I could be wrong. I'll let you know if I can come up with any answers.