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  1. @MaaseyRacer you'll be pleased to know that after much head scratching and thought, I am currently installing Sierra. It wasn't the GPU (although the 1050 I borrowed is installed now) but I reflashed the EFI (same version 3.30) and that seems to have done the trick. EDIT: Almost there! Whats working: GPU, USB3, Sleep (but it kicks the USB so it's disabled right now), Ethernet (only one of them), Speedstep and CPU PM What's not: Useful sleep (as mentioned above, it kicks USB and safe sleep USB causes a reboot), Audio (shown in sys prefs but doesn't seem to output), USB2 CPU PM: https://github.com/Piker-Alpha/ssdtPRGen.sh/blob/Beta/README.md I probably won't use sleep, but it would be nice to get it working. Same with USB2. I might ditch internal audio and use a Griffin iMic I have from yesteryear.
  2. I love the Quadros, but I was also looking at one of the 1060's. I managed to get a little further, I can now see GUI... but I get a hang on either the grey screen (presumably just before the Installer actually appears) or on the screen with the Apple and the progress bar. The things that made the difference are all to do with the GPU, so I am pretty sure it's the issue. I might just bite the bullet and buy a 1060 or maybe even a 1050 to drop in and see if I get any further. Oh, and just realised my clover folder didn't actually attach to my first post.. Oh well, suppose it doesn't matter too much now... I'll attach later when I've tweaked again. Also, I read in this thread that the E5 v3's don't need the NullCPU and do quite well, so feeling hopeful
  3. Hi all, I'm trying to get my ASRock X99 WS board with an E5-2695v3 to boot the Sierra installer (made using 10.12.5 but have tried earlier versions of the app too). I'm not having much luck, so would appreciate some help. I get almost all the way through the boot process but get a reboot at IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState. Spec: CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2695v3 Mobo: ASRock X99 WS (not the WS-E) spec here GPU: Quadro 295 but have also tried an even older GT 9500 RAM: 32GB DDR4 ECC This build was my old server hence the spec. The eventual aim is to drop in a better GPU to facilitate 4K displays and use it as a workstation for LR and PS and some 4K vid editing, but I need to know if I can get it working first. What I've tried: Varying boot arguments including disabling NV, web drivers etc Varying settings in UEFI such as disabling C States, Serial Ports, Virtualisation etc. Different system definitions (Mac Pro 6,1 and 5,1) There have been plenty of success stories with the ASRock X99 Extreme 3's and 4's which I think only have a few small differences such as Intel Graphics and (I think) some have realtek Ethernet. The WS has no integrated graphics as they are assuming you're gonna drop a dedicated beast in for your applications. As such, I cannot fall back on Intel graphics. If the problem is one of the GPUs, I can get another, but I don't wanna grab one and then find it's the board. I have attached my Clover folder, I'm not very experienced with Clover [i'm a legacy guy ] so I would appreciate any help. Thanks
  4. When audio stopped working for me, I deleted the entire contents of the caches folder in /System/Library (but not the actual folder) then did a permission repair (sudo diskutil repairpermissions /) and that fixed everything after a reboot. Try that.
  5. Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a great Christmas too :-) have a great 2016!
  6. Thanks both for the suggestions - I am pleased to say that adding EmuVariableUefi-64.efi solved the issues As fast as it was before sleep. Thanks!
  7. @TimeWalker75a I noticed recently that after sleep system performance seems a little sluggish. Have you come across this? I believe it might be after the 10.10.5 update although I can't be sure as only just noticed it. A reboot fixes the issue, but it makes sleep a bit annoying.
  8. I generally stay away from initial releases of anything. Usually least of all Apple, but even Apple's code has got unbelievably sloppy since Jobs passed. Initial iOS releases are a prime example. I doubt Steve would have let anything that buggy get to beta, let alone release. Then again, he wouldn't have let a the GUI design be outsourced to some Android fans either... Cupertino start your photocopiers
  9. Thanks for the info. That's the same adapter by the looks of it. WWAN slot is on. That's where my current card is installed, I extended the wires to reach. As you've suggested, it's most likely a faulty adapter, but just wanted to double check before I contact the seller. :-)
  10. @webcivilian, what adapter are you using with your BCM94360CD? The one I ordered appears to need additional power. In Mac OS it's not shown at all and under windows it's shown in device manager although still not working but there is also a PCI hub which is not working. The adapter came with a supplementary power cable 'if required' I guess it does... Or did you just find a 5v feed and hook it up?
  11. ellnic

    G73SW - 10.9 Install

    I wouldn't get too disheartened about USB 3. Mine worked when it felt like it. Which was never when I needed it most. From the sounds of it, you have most the main things working. For this model, I would be pretty pleased with that. We'll discount backlit keys and Ethernet as that looks like a hardware fault. The problem that I found is that there are apparently a ton of sub revisions for these laptops and the little differences cause the same kexts to work for one person and not for others. Problem items are audio, backlit keys and USB 3 and battery - maybe more. I've even heard of people with apparently identical hardware and the same kexts just don't work. For no reason. The sub never works. Even in windows. Or at least, not at the same time as the stereo speakers. Instead of letting the bios handle the woofer and backlit keys, Asus let that be handled by drivers. This is where the problem comes in. The modded bios Jeff posted is for using with a vanilla AICPM kext. If you are booting, you are already using the patched kext (as you mentioned), so flashing the modded bios will cause a kernel panic because you will need to restore the vanilla kext. Personally, if it works, stick with it. A note on this laptop's BIOS and flashing - stay away unless you really have to. There are bios bugs that can brick the board. If you really must flash, use the EZflash utility and MAKE SURE you have the rom on a fat32 key drive. There is a bug in the bios that Asus refuse to fix whereby flashing from NTFS will brick it. Others in this thread have experienced this bug first hand and it has cost them. Bad Asus! A final thought... There was some work over at Olarila getting Yosemite to work with Clover on the G73SW. You may want to look at that also. It might help your USB 3, Bluetooth etc to work. EDIT: additional info.
  12. ellnic

    G73SW - 10.9 Install

    Great Glad to hear it works. I don't have this model laptop anymore as mine was problematic for me, but I'll help you as much as I can. For USB 3 try powering off and removing the battery for 5 mins, then power back on.
  13. I was under the impression based on the first post that the DP was connected to the Intel. No matter. Does your mute key work?
  14. Nice. Have got one ordered. Thanks for confirming :-) Did you already have the WWAN antennas in yours? Mine doesn't have them, presumably because it didn't ship with a cellular card so they didn't bother adding the antenna for it. Only the 2 for the WLAN. I extended these for the Atheros card but the BCM94360CD needs 4. I was thinking of grabbing a WWAN antenna on eBay as it has 3 wires. EDIT: Also, has anyone had any success with the display port? I've just tried it this morning because I ordered a display port to HDMI adapter which arrived. I've tried it with it plugged in at boot and once the system is booted but I get no output and no recognition of the external display in the pref pane. Am I missing something?