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  1. System ID? (Korg)

    Hi, again, Beerkex'd. I got AsereBLN's bootloader on my ASUS 1005ha with Snow Leopard 10.6.1, and I'm still not getting a useable UUID or Serial in System Information. This means that all my expensive music software and Netflix aren't working on the Hackbook. I have en0 for my network card, and it has its own MAC address. <key>EthernetBuiltIn</key> <string>Yes</string> is in the com.apple.Boot.plist in /Extra. the smbios.plist makes my netbook look like a Macbook Air I'm stumped :
  2. Snow Leopard works in GA-965P-S3

    @leclercqr: My UCA222 is making a noticeable bit of noise when playing back sounds. It also records (ahem) less than flawlessly. Are you having these same issues? I've tested the interface on my Mac Mini, and it works great, so the hardware itself is not the problem. I am running an ASUS 1005ha hackbook with OS X 10.6.1.
  3. System ID? (Korg)

    Hi, Beerkex'd. I tried all your instructions, and using Rekursor's patched v. Of Chameleon and EthernetBuiltIn=yes I was able to get my Built-in ethernet to set at en0. Still, my computer's UUID is not changing and Korg (or my Native Instruments plugins ) will not install. Maybe I should also install a kext (UUID.kext?) Or put an EFI string into com.apple.boot.plist? In the past, when I have tried putting in an EFI string with EFIStudio or OS86tools, my computer wouldn't boot, and I had to remove the strings in single user mode. Any suggestions?
  4. Kalyway on Asus 1005HA?

    This guy has an awesome guide. You have to expand the info part of the Youtube page to get to the good stuff. I would not recommend doing anything different than he did. I tried to use a different version of iDeneb. It didn't work. I tried 1.3, like he said, and it worked.